How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Sometimes, we needed to be on the go and not spend more time thinking about what we want to wear. And other people feel the need to change this aspect of their lifestyle. So thank goodness that Capsule Wardrobe was born, right?

For those of you who doesn’t know, capsule wardrobe is a small wardrobe made up of 37 versatile pieces. You get to change these pieces in every new season but you’ll have only these 37 pieces of the season to choose from for three months. The great thing about capsule wardrobes is that they are efficient and makes choosing your outfit-of-the-day easier. And you don’t really have to worry about whether your clothes would feel repetitive because you can match whatever pieces you have and it’ll look like an outfit you haven’t worn yet.

Here are some tips and tricks on creating your capsule wardrobe.

  1. Mix and Match is Imperative
    Having to choose from only 37 articles of clothing, you have to master the art of mixing and matching items in such a way that your outfit will still look fresh for the season. It’s a basic skill to master if you want to try out a capsule wardrobe.
    black leather pants and white shirt
    Leather Pants
    ripped jeans and suit blazer
    Ripped Jeans
    ripped jeans and oversized sweater
  2. Choose Versatile Items
    You have to keep on reminding yourself that in a capsule wardrobe you are attempting to live off a season with just 37 clothes. And the best way to pull off any kind of outfit with just 37 items is to have some timeless, basic, and oh-so versatile garments such as a crisp white collared shirt and a denim pants.
    white shirt and black mesh skirt
    white shirt and black pants
    denim pants and navy top and sandals
    denim jeans and white top and heels
  3. Proportionate and Prioritize
    When I say proportionate, I meant that you have to divide the garments efficiently. Are you wearing collared shirts most of the time? Do you hardly wear maxi skirts during a certain season? You’d need at least one maxi skirt just in case an event calls for it but you won’t need much for the entire season. Let a certain garment you usually need take up a huge space in your wardrobe.
    matching gray printed pants suit
    gray pants suit
    tank top casual outfit
    tank top office outfit
  4. Keep Note Of The Season
    Remember that the composition of your capsule wardrobe is good for one season. So you have to take note of that. For example, you don’t want to have a thick fur jacket occupying space during the summer. Same way as you don’t want to many lightweight clothes during winter.
    White pants and mini skirt for summer
    white pants and sporty shirt for summer
    black mini skirt for summer
    White pants and mini skirt for winter
    white pants and furry striped coat for winter
    black mini skirt for winter
  5. A Little Boldness Will Not Hurt
    I know that the basics and the most versatile clothes are what you’d need the most in a capsule wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean that these are all that you will have to wear for an entire season. One garment in bold, bright and fun color or print would effectively brighten up your outfit. Pick one that can be suitable for any kind of style that you might want to go for.
    red leather jacket and skirt
    red leather jacket in all black outfit
    mustard yellow pencil skirt and blue shirt and nude heels
    mustard yellow pencil skirt and blue dressy top and burgundy bag
  6. Don’t Be Afraid To Recycle
    If there was one thing that Kate Middleton taught us regarding fashion-related stuff, it’s that it does not hurt to recycle your outfits. And for those of us who does not have a pack of paparazzi on our trail, it’ll be less obvious that we recycle our outfits. The key here is that they should be appropriate. And while the main outfit is the same, pair it up with a different set of accessories.

    m missoni coat kate middleton
    green Emilia Wickstead coat Kate Middleton
    green Emilia Wickstead coat recycled Kate Middleton