How to Dress a Petite Figure

Petite women have a lot of things to their advantage when it comes to fashion but there can be quite a few disadvantages as well. Most petite women’s goal in dressing up to look a few inches taller than they are but there are also other petite women whose goal in dressing up is to enhance the ‘cuteness’ their petite figure exudes. No matter what your goal is in dressing up your petite figure, there are some things you should always keep in mind. Here are some tips on how to dress a petite figure so you can always look chic and fabulous:

  • Wear clothes that fit well – if you have a petite figure, you should avoid ill-fitting clothes at all times. Anything you wear that’s bigger than your size will have you looking like you’re being eaten by your clothes. To make sure you get the best fitting clothes, always take your time to try on each item when shopping, even if you’ve worn the same brand and size for a long time. Sometimes different styles and designs can affect the measurement on clothes so try them on first before you buy them.

petite fashion

  • Avoid bulky garments – some clothes look fabulous because they’re made from bulky material that’s perfect for when you want to add volume to certain parts of your body. However, those kinds of clothes don’t usually work for petite figures because they make you look broader instead of making you look taller.

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  • Ditch the minis – yes, we get it, you have legs flawless as those models on the runway. Unfortunately, flawless legs are not enough to rock a mini skirt or a mini dress. Mini skirts and dresses tend to make petite women look even shorter because the part where the hem falls makes short legs more noticeable. Go for midi and maxi skirts instead. You’ll be surprised at how flattering these skirts can be for petite body types.

skirt skirt for petite women

  • Choose shoes with pointy toes – whether you’re going for flats or you’re going for heels, try to get shoes that have pointy toes. Pointy toe shoes can make your legs look more slender and a bit longer. On the other hand, make sure to steer clear of shoes that have very rounded toes or those with square toes as these will make your legs look stubby and short.

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  • Learn how to sew – this may not seem much like a styling tip but believe me, having basic sewing skills can help you make your clothes fit and look better on you because you can alter them yourself. Often, petite women find that even if clothes fit perfectly on the body, the sleeves or the length of the item isn’t proportionate to their height.

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  • Choose clothes with vertical lines – if you’re looking for a way to somehow boost your height without having to strain your feet by wearing high heeled shoes, you can do so just by wearing clothes that have vertical lines. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stock up on striped clothes if you’re petite, though. Simple and subtle vertical lines on details are enough to give you that elongating effect that every petite body type needs every once in a while.