How to Dress Like a New Yorker

New Yorkers are often thought of as people who always dress in polished black outfits and while there is some grain of truth to that, it’s not entirely true and it’s a sort of stereotype for them or a label that other people put on them. New York City dwellers are fashionable. Their taste in fashion is the perfect combination of cool and practical. If you take a good look at their outfits from the streets, you’ll see how New Yorkers have mastered the art of putting together an outfit that’s stylish, useful and versatile all at the same time with a generous helping of posh metropolitan vibe on top. If you’re headed for the Big Apple soon and are looking for tips to fit in, check out these tips on how to dress like a New Yorker.

  • Go for neutrals – New Yorkers like to go simple with their outfit so if there’s one thing you’ll find a lot of in their closets, it’s neutral colored pieces. For the colder months in fall and winter, New Yorkers tend to mix up neutral colors but during the warmer months of spring and summer, they like to add a kick of color to their neutrals for a livelier outfit.

classy coat and jeans outfit neutral color scheme

  • Comfy shoes – everyone walks in New York City. I don’t care if you’re some rank and file employee or a big shot in your company but when you’re running late in New York, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in traffic so you walk/run as fast as you can and for this you’ll need some comfy shoes. One popular shoe of choice for New Yorkers is ankle boots with chunky heels. They offer style, support and comfort – everything you’ll need in the New York streets. Flats are welcome, too, for those who want to look more girly and less utilitarian.

cute ankle boots

white and navy color palette

  • Jeans – another New Yorker favorite, jeans are something that New Yorkers can’t be without. Jeans are a staple for everyone’s closet but more so for New Yorkers who need something stylish and practical. You can go for colored jeans anytime if you think plain denim ones are too conventional but just know that New Yorkers often like their outfits simple and straightforward.

typical fall nyc outfit casual jeans outfit

  • Toppers – New York dwellers can never have too many toppers, be it a cardigan, a jacket, a blazer, a coat, a sweater or anything else that goes on top of their outfit. New Yorkers are often out from day to night and going home for an outfit change is just not a convenient option so dressing up in something that can take you from day to night and having something to warm you up as you go into the night is more than ideal.

nyc street style pink coat and baseball cap

  • Hats – hats don’t only add style to the everyday New Yorker’s outfit, it protects their heads from either the warmth of the sun in summer or the coldness of the air for fall and winter. Whether it’s a beanie, beret, fedora, a floppy hat or just a good ol’ baseball cap, there’s always something more than just hair on top of the everyday New Yorker.

simple nyc style with hat purple hat outfit