How to Dress Up for a Shopping Trip

Whether it’s that big shopping trip you’ve been saving up and preparing for or just another one of those impromptu shopping trips with your friends, one thing is certain: you want to look fabulous. The thing is, though, fabulous doesn’t always mean comfy and you need to be comfy as well while shopping so you can try on all the clothes you want without a problem. If you’re a frequent shopper and you have a shopping trip planned, check out these tips on how to dress up for a shopping trip.

  • Wear something that comes off easily – if you like trying clothes on before you buy them, make sure to wear something that you can easily take off in the dressing room. Rompers and jumpsuits may look real chic but they take a lot of time to put on and take off so try to avoid wearing those on shopping trips. A tube dress (or just simple dresses in general), on the other hand, is something that we’d recommend you to wear just because you can simply slip in and out of it whenever needed. Skirts are more preferable over pants, too, because they’re the easiest to wear.

shirt and skirt outfit

chic and casual outfit

  • When shopping for a special occasion – if you’re shopping for an outfit to wear to a special occasion like a wedding or a fancy party, go shopping with your hair done as it would be for the party. It doesn’t have to be as sleek and neat. If you’re wearing an updo to the event, wear your hair up when you go shopping. Doing this will help you have a better glimpse of how the dress would look like on the day of the event. It would also help heaps if you came with the makeup look that you plan to do for the event.

black and white marble dress

ideal shopping outfit

  • Wear proper fitting underwear – ill-fitting underwear isn’t only an eyesore, it ruins your silhouette as well. When you’re shopping for clothes, make sure you’re wearing proper-fitting underwear so that you get to see the item in its best light.

girly shopping outfit cute shopping outfit

  • Wear minimal accessories – accessories may be a minor part of your outfit but it can change the way certain clothes look so wear minimal accessories when you’re going on a shopping trip. Try not to wear anything too bold or loud so that it doesn’t take the focus away from the clothes that you’ll be trying on.

paisley baby doll dress

  • More tips for accessorizing – another tip for accessorizing when going on a shopping trip is to not wear anything that’s not necessary. Chandelier earrings are really pretty but they might just get pulled at when you’re putting on and taking off the clothes you’ll be trying to stick to stud earrings instead. Wear comfy shoes and a purse that’s easy to carry around to make your trip a breeze.

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