How to Dress Up Like a Hipster

The original hipster style in fashion is a style that started back in the 40s. Back then, this style is considered post-modern with a hint of vintage / retro style. During the earlier part of 2010, hipster fashion resurfaced and  gained popularity once again. Today’s hipster style is considered to be one of the coolest fashion styles that a lot of the younger teens / adolescents are into. This explains why a lot of brands have been and are still trying to produce accessories and clothing apparel that aims to replicate the look. If you want to know how you can get this cool look, read on below to see our guide on how to dress up like a hipster:

  • Wear a floral headband – let’s start off from the simplest things you can do and wear to achieve hipster style fashion: accessories. one of the staple accessories that hipsters have in their closets are headbands. Most of the time, the headbands are made of fabric with a floral print or design. it could also be made from other materials as long as it would have a floral theme going on.

headband hipster headban

  • Wear a beanie or a wide brimmed hat – head gear is important in hipster fashion. Now that we’re still in winter, a beanie would come in handy not only to make you feel warmer but also to help you achieve a hipster look. Once summer comes, replace your beanies with a wide brimmed hat.

hat hipster


  • Rock a crop top – with summer just right around the corner, I’m pretty sure you’re already planning on a closet makeover. If you are going to be shopping for summer/spring clothes for your wardrobe, don’t forget to get yourself a crop top! Otherwise, make one yourself. A crop top is another piece youcan wear to achieve the hipster look. When wearing a crop top, remember this rule: the lower your pants sit on your waist, the longer your crop top should be. Yes, it would be sexy to show off a little bit more skin but, as they say, ‘too much of anything and everything can’t be good’. Remember the rule on wearing crop top and you’ll be rocking them like a pro.

crop top outfit crop top

  • Sport collared shirts – another staple you’ll see in a hipster closet is a collared shirt. Most of the time, layering is done to make the collar stand out and pop. For example, you can wear a dark collared shirt underneath and then top it off with a light non-collared shirt on top to make interesting contrast. You can also wear a faux collar or those that aren’t really attached to shirts but are rather worn as some sort of necklace choker.

collar outfit collar

  • Thick-framed oversized glasses – if you want to add an authentic hipster feel to your outfit, you should definitely get yourself a pair of thick-framed and oversized glasses. It doesn’t matter whether you need them or not, just wear them to get that cool hipster look.

glasses hipster hat hipster glasees