How to Dress Up Tomboy Style

Dressing up tomboy style does not always mean you have to chop all of your hairs off and wear baggy clothes. Sometimes to dress like a tomboy simply means to incorporate one or two boyish or masculine pieces in your whole outfit to ‘girl down and man up’. If you want to know how to dress up tomboy style, read on because we’ve got the goods for you.

tomboy outfit

  • Wear loose fitting clothes – forget about about sexy racerbacks and tight fitting tank tops or those girly shirts and blouses. If you want to dress up like a tomboy, go for loose fitting clothes instead. This is actually very comfortable as your clothes leave enough room for you to move in and around.

loose fitting clothes loose clothes

  • Get graphic shirts – graphic shirts are the easiest way to incorporate the tomboy style into your clothes. If you really want a boyish look about you, go full on by choosing graphic shirts with metal or rock bands or those with skulls and chains – the typical prints guys go for.

graphic t shirt graphic shirt

  • Flat brim caps – flat brim caps can also be called snapback caps. These are the caps you’d often see rappers like JayZ and Tupac wearing. This is a perfect addition to tomboy style outfits if you’re going out on a sunny day as it not only makes your style complete, it also protects you from the heat. For a more boyish look you can wear your cap backwards, bad boy style.

flat brim cap

  • Sneakers and slip ons – tomboy style fashion is very comfortable. When sporting the tomboy look, you don’t have to wear heels or ballerina flats or strappy sandals. All you’ll need are a good pair of either sneakers or slip ons.  This is great if you’ve got a full day of walking ahead.

sneakers outfit slip on outfits

  • Slouchy shorts – slouchy shorts are the counterpart of sexy shorts in tomboy fashion. Most pairs of slouchy shorts fall about an inch or two under the knees but some also go lower. Since slouchy shorts are baggy, it’s best to pair them with a nice fitting top to balance out the volume.

shorts outfit shorts slouchy

  • Distressed skinny jeans – if you don’t like the look of baggy pants or baggy shorts on you, you can still wear skinny jeans. Give your skinny jeans a rough and masculine look by distressing it or by wearing it ripped.

skinny jeans

You don’t have to wear tomboy style clothes from head to toe. You can still look sexy and a little bit girly while incotporating tomboy fashion in your outfit by picking only one or two pieces and combining them with your natural style.