How to Dress With Class

Today it seems like the more skin you show, the more stylish you are perceived to be and while that may be the case in some settings (e.g. beach outfits, street style fashion, etc), there will always be situations, places and occasions that will require you to dress with more class. Putting together an outfit that looks ladylike is easy if you know what you should reach for. Dressing with class does not necessarily mean being garbed up in expensive designer pieces all the time. it simply means going for a look that’s elegant. chic and posh. Here are some tips on how to dress with class.

  • Try the minimalist trend – the minimalist trend is very simple and it’s really easy to recreate as well. It mostly constitutes of basic pieces in neutral colors and it’s very wearable for everyday looks. The basic piece used in this look gives you that classy vibe. If you aren’t a fan of wearing plain neutrals from head to toe, you can always liven up this look with a pop of color as long as you’re careful enough to limit it to one or two pieces.

basic simple chic outfit neutral chic outfit

  • Drape a blazer over your shoulders – you know how those fashionistas in high street fashion magazines always look so divine and ladylike with blazers draped so fabulously over their shoulders? You can do the same thing, too, to give your overall look that ‘expensive’ touch. It doesn’t even have to be a designer blazer. Any blazer that looks classy and sophisticated will do.

red blazer on shoulder

classy elegant look

  • Do not overdo it – you may think piling on tons and tons of stylish pieces together in one outfit makes it look classier but the truth is that you’re actually making it look the actual opposite. Looks that are overdone often tend to look tacky. Make sure to keep your outfits simple all the time and layer pieces only when needed. Even then, make sure to limit it to 2 to 3 layers max.

minimalist trend look simple cute outfit

  • One statement piece at a time – we get it, you like making a statement with your outfits. No matter how passionate you are about this, though, try to keep it to one statement piece at a time. This way, attention is focused solely on that piece and you don’t have too much going on in one outfit alone. If you have a statement necklace, stop yourself from wearing those big, bold and chunky earrings. Got crazy statement shoes? Keep the rest of your outfit simple. This way, you get to balance the classy and casual touch in your look.

chunky statement shoes off the shoulder statement top

  • Try on a scarf – you know how they say accessories can make or break an outfit? Well, the right scarf worn with the right outfit will make your outfit and it will make it shine! Scarves somehow give your outfits a classy feel so if you’re feeling classy today, try on a scarf and see how you like it with your outfit. It might just be what you need to get that ‘oomph’.

cute mustard scarf chic scarf outfit