How to Get a More Grown Up Wardrobe after College

So you’ve done it! You’ve finished your last year in college and now that you’ve graduated, what else comes next but looking for a career that would let you put your knowledge and skills to the test, right? If there’s one thing I know a lot of graduates will miss about college, it’s being able to head out and get on with your day in t-shirts and sweats. Now that you’re getting into the adult work world, your yoga pants and sweaters will have to take a backseat and you’ll have to let your ‘decent’ clothes take center stage. Being confined to suits and loafers isn’t necessary but it’s one common misconception about work wardrobes. Check out these tips on how to get a more grown up wardrobe after college while still letting your personal style shine through.

  • Pay your tailor a visit – remember those times when you had to wear a business-casual outfit to school and you just settled for whatever you first found at the mall or whatever you first found from mom’s closet? Those may be stylish outfits but do they fit you like a glove? One of the things that you can do to get a more mature wardrobe is to leave wearing baggy clothes behind and start wearing well-fitting and, if possible, tailored outfits. Pay your tailor a visit and have alterations done on pieces that need them.

tailored office outfit well tailored outfit

  • Try sporting silk blouses – wearing a silk blouse is one easy way to look more grown up and polished. Pair your silk blouse with a flattering pencil skirt or a pair of tailored trousers and you have yourself an outfit that you can wear to any interview.

black silk blouse

dark silk blouse

  • Look ladylike in pointy toe heels – forget about your sneakers and flip flops for a while and slip into a pair of elegant pointy toe heels, at least each time you’re headed for an interview or to your workplace. Wearing leather pointy toe heels give you that instant elegant vibe and it makes you look taller, too, so you can conquer the ‘adult world’ with even more confidence.

orange pointy toes work outfit for fall

  • Invest in a selection of blazers – if you have to buy one at a time, do that. You don’t need to splurge on just one, especially if you plan on wearing blazers most of the time to work. You’ll want to have a variety of blazers to choose from and wear with other pieces from your new wardrobe. Wearing blazer on top of your everyday ordinary shirts to instantly polish it up and make your outfit look more grown up.

striped blazer for work business casual look

  • Pick more flattering silhouettes – gone are the days when you could get away with wearing baggy clothes and just pass it off as a ‘street style’ or ‘lazy day’ look. Now that you’re a graduate of college looking for a job, you’ll need clothes that will look great on you. Choose pieces that will flatter your figure and make you look good. After all, looking good is one way to make a good first impression, especially for job interviews.

pointy toe shoes basic neutral colors