How to Get Classy Women’s Fashion

The French, especially women, are known for a lot of things including being super chic, stylish and sophisticated. French fashion is classy, elegant and timeless but they sure know a thing or two (or more) when it comes to the latest and the hottest fashion trends as well. Well, with so many designer powerhouses in France, it’s no wonder their women (and even men) are so gorgeously dressed. I’m personally a huge fan of the way French women dress themselves. I think it’s amazing how they can make a simple outfit look so divinely elegant without much effort. Over the years, I’ve been observing this and came up with this list of tips on how to get classy women’s fashion. Read on and see how you can dress gracefully like French women.

  • Remember that less is more – I think one of the things that make French women’s fashion so classy and chic is that they never go over the top with anything they wear. They try to keep it simple and clean to achieve a look that’s effortlessly stylish. Try not to pile on too many layers of clothes and accessories and let the beauty of each piece shine. Having too much going on in your outfit makes it tacky and confusing. Also, make sure all the pieces go well together. Less is more can also mean showing less skin to show more class. Try to veer away from pieces that are too racy and revealing. These are tricky to wear and can easily take away the classy look you’re trying to go for.

chic streetstyle wear neutrals with red accessories

  • Stock up on the basics – observe French women’s fashion closely and sure enough you’ll notice one thing: they always have a basic piece or two somewhere in their outfit glammed up by a statement piece to make their outfit look simple yet sophisticated. Stocking up on the basics lets you do the same. T-shirts, for example, can be worn underneath and on top of a lot of other things. Even plain tees can look glam when teamed up with stunning other pieces. Using mostly basic pieces and adding one showstopper is one way to achieve the classy French women’s fashion.

plain and basic outfit

plains and stripes

  • Invest in neutrals – even when on a limited budget, you can still get the classy French women’s fashion and that is by investing in neutral pieces. Neutral colors allow you to mix and match endlessly. You can use it to create a plain and simple outfit that can later on be glammed up with accessories and pops of colors through other pieces.

classy neutrals and a colorful scarf country neutral outfit

  • Choose clothes that flatter your body – one of the things that I really like about the way French women dress themselves is that they don’t take trends too heavily. They would rather stick with timeless and classic pieces that they know flatter their body well instead of go for passing trends that don’t make them feel and look as good. Dressing up for the body that you have is also one of the easiest things you can do to make shopping for clothes a whole lot easier. When you know which styles and designs flatter your body, you’re less likely to wander off in the store not knowing what exactly it is that you’re looking for.

beautiful basic outfit casual but classic French fashion

  • Add a luxurious piece or two whenever you can  – whether it’s a silk scarf, a mink coat, a designer handbag  or a pair of diamond earrings, adding one or two luxurious pieces in the mix instantly gives you that ‘sophisticated and expensive look’ that most French women exude. Make sure that you sport these pieces subtly and gratefully so you come across as elegant and chic.

luxe streetstyle outfit luxe gold belt