How to Get Kate Middleton’s Style

The Duchess of Cambridge sure knows how to put together an outfit! Kate is known for her deeds of kindness towards many people as well as her charity works but more than that, she is also now known as an international style icon. Classy, chic and sophisticated – these are just some of the words that would best describe Kate Middleton’s sense of style. if you want to steal her look, read on below and see our take on how to get Kate Middleton’s style:

  • Never wear anything too flashy and revealing – Kate Middleton’s look is always charming and elegant. She never wears anything that shows off too much skin or curves so if you want to copy her look, make sure to ditch your minis, your cleavage-revealing tops and dresses with plunging necklines, your skin-tight leggings and anything else in your closet that would have you looking like you were forced to squeeze into it. You don’t need to have all of your clothes custom-made, just make sure that every piece you wear has enough room for you to comfortably move around in.

kate middleton style kate middleton

  • Get girly – one of the reasons why a lot of women look up to Kate Middleton as a style icon is because she embodies pure feminine style in her looks. She wears dresses and skirts all the time and she looks gorgeous in them. She’s also never confined to just one or two colors. Lucky for her, her skin tone allow her to wear most colors. You can expect her to wear a dazzling red dress today and a cheerful yellow one the next. If you’re planning on adding more color to your wardrobe, make sure to get the ones that will flatter your skin tone the most.

girly style


  • Sport a posh casual look – sure, the Duchess wears jeans and sneakers every now and then but she manages to keep even the most casual outfit combination looking super gorgeous and chic. How does she do it? Kate Middleton combines casual pieces with posh ones to achieve a very sophisticated look. You can do that too by mixing and matching different pieces from your wardrobe. Don’t be compelled to wear only high end designer brands. Even the Duchess doesn’t do that.  Mix designer labeled items with those that you acquired from the thrift shop or those that have long been sitting in your closet. You’ll be surprised at how well this will work out for your style and budget.

casual outfit casual

  • Do not over-accessorize – we all know that good accessories can make any outfit really stand out but make sure you don’t overdo it. Choose one bold piece that will create a statement and keep the rest simple and minimal. Kate Middleton is often seen wearing fabulous hats and fascinators along with very simple and classy jewelry and accessories to complete her look.

accessories accessory

  • Cap it off with a Kate-inspired hairstyle – finally. If you’re going for a Kate Middleton inspired look, you should definitely have your hair done the way hers is. Kate sports a very simple but elegant hairstyle. Most of the time, she just has her hair down with dainty curls at the end. There would also be times when she would just have her hair blow dried. On occasions when she would have her hair up, it’s almost always done in a classy chignon.

hairstyle hair