How to Get the Boho Fashion for Spring

Boho fashion is super chic and stylish. It’s easy, laidback, relaxes and oh so girly. Though typically, the Boho look is worn in the summer, there’s no reason not to wear it for spring. The look is very well suited for warm temps and that’s what we’re having for spring time so why not give the Boho look a shot this season? Here are some quick and easy tips on how to get the Boho fashion for spring.

  • Make good use of floral prints – spring is all about rebirth, new beginnings and the blossoming of anything and everything new. Flowers are the perfect symbolism for that and they’re pretty abundant during spring time, too, as they are also starting a new beginning after being dried up by the cold temps of winter and since Boho fashion is all about being natural and close to the earth, pretty floral prints are sure to fit right in. Make good use of your florals and use them to make a rather summery Boho outfit look more springtime appropriate.

floral prints floral

  • Sport ‘em crop tops – one of the biggest fashion trends for this year’s spring is the crop top. To make a traditional Boho outfit look more modern and chic, opt for a crop top. it’s sexy but sill casual and relaxed. It’s the perfect piece to add to your Boho look if you want to add that spring fling vibe to it. Make sure you don’t lose the Boho fashion’s signature laidback vibe by opting for loose fitting crop tops instead of corset-type ones, although the latter would be perfect if you were to give the good ol’ Boho look a more contemporary take.

crop top


  • Don’t forget your spring knits – the Boho fashion is known for layers and layers of clothes draped freely and flowingly to create a casual and uninhibited vibe. A really good way to achieve the same look in spring time is to use your spring knits to top off your Boho outfit. Spring knits are usually made of lightweight and breathable materials so they’re perfect for layering. An easy poncho, a light cardigan – whatever kind of spring knit in your spring wardrobe is sure to fit in with the rest of your look.

knit knitted

  • Give your outfit some spring color – usually, the Boho fashion color palette would revolve on neutral colors since the goal is to make the look stay as close as possible to nature but if you want to give the Boho look a springtime twist, adding pops of color (or a generous splash of it) is a really great idea. Some spring time colors that would go well with Boho fashion are pastels and jewel tones. They’re not too loud so they let you keep that relaxed Boho vibe but they’re still able to liven up the traditional neutral Boho look a bit.

color color spring

  • Go for flower-inspired accessories – we all know a good outfit is never complete without accessories and for Boho fashion in springtime, flower inspired accessories would make a really good combo. Floral wreaths and headbands, flower garland necklaces, floral prints on dresses – these are just some of the many ways you can incorporate flowers in your accessories and your whole look.

accessories accessories floral