How to Get the Greek Goddess Look

Greek-goddess inspired looks have always had a certain appeal to me. I think they look sexy in a very classy and elegant kind of way. There’s just something about Greek-goddess inspired looks that make a woman look so feminine and graceful and I think a lot of other women will agree on this. I know lots of you out there have dressed up as a Greek goddess once or twice, maybe for a school play production, to a costume party or for Halloween and I know you loved how looking like an ethereal goddess so today we’re showing you more ideas on how to get the Greek goddess look. Read on below and see what items you need to add to your closet to get this exquisitely sublime look.

  • Wear white – the color white is often associated with being pure, beautiful and celestial and that’s pretty much what you want to achieve if you’re going for the Greek goddess look. There are more shades of white out there than you think so start exploring your options to see which shade works best with your skin tone.

pleated white sexy dress sexy white dress

  • For a pop of color, go for blue – white and blue make the most heavenly color combination which is perfect if you’re going for the Greek goddess look. These are also the two main colors you’ll see in one of Greek’s most iconic islands, Santorini, so it’s perfect for doing a Greek goddess look.

blue and ecru with gold

  • Pick floaty and drapey silhouettes – Greek goddesses aren’t known for wearing figure-hugging dresses. Instead, they’re always wearing something floaty, drapey and dreamy. If you’re going for the Greek goddess look, try to steer clear of anything that’s too tight and go for something with a little bit more room in it instead.

dreamy and romantic

chic dreamy dress

  • Go for the gold – gold has always been the metal of choice for creating the Greek goddess look. Gold on white looks divine. Try wearing a gold belt to cinch your waist when rocking a dreamy, drapey dress. Gold dangling earrings are great if you’re wearing an updo. You can wear body jewelry, too, to get some gold incorporated in to your outfit. Some skin tones look better with silver, though, so don’t discount silver totally when doing the look.

all gold jewelry

  • Don’t forget the headdress – Greek gods and goddesses are almost always portrayed with some sort of headdresses on their heads from a simple laurel leaf crown to expensive-looking hair jewelry made of gold and fine gems and stones so if you’re doing the look, don’t forget to top off your outfit with a chic headdress.

laurel leaf headdress

  • Choose long dresses over short ones – if you’re wearing a dress to recreate the Greek goddess look, choose long dresses over short ones. Long, drapey dresses are much better for getting that celestial goddess look.

long and drapey outfit

  • Bare your shoulders – a great way to make your take on the Greek goddess look sexy while still looking classy and elegant is to bare some skin and show off your shoulders. Asymmetrical cuts are very popular for Greek goddess looks and so are off the shoulder tops and dresses.

one shoulder dress asymmetrical dress