How to Get the Olsen Twins’ Signature Style

We all know how hot the ‘slouchy yet chic’ look is today and while there are so many other celebrities, models and fashionistas out there who have truly nailed this style to a T, no one does it better than the Olsen Twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley. These two never fails to take the slouchy but chic look up a notch and into the ‘perfectly disheveled’ level. They’re so good at it that some have even started labeling their style as ‘homeless chic’ which, at first, doesn’t sound too good but you know it’s bomb when you see these two rock it out. Check out these tips on how to get the Olsen Twins’ signature style.

  • Keep it neutral – one of the very first things you’ll notice right off the bat with the Olsen twins is that they rarely go for bright and bold colors. You can almost always see them wearing something neutral and. 90 per cent of the time, something dark. Of course, there are rare instances when one of them will wear something bright but even then she would still have it anchored down to s neutral piece. The color palette for the Olsen twins is never crazy so if you intend to dress like them, kiss those hot pink pants bye-bye for a while and bust out everything neutral you have in your wardrobe.

neutral colors neutral olsen twins outfit neutral outfit colors

  • Wear a little bit of everything – the great thing about the Olsen twins’ style is that there is no specific set of clothes that you need to strictly wear. You can mix a little bit of everything into the mix and it would still look perfect. You can wear something Boho-inspired and throw in a little hipster vibe as well as whatever else you like.

mixed boho grunge glam mixed trends in one look mixed twins style

  • Nothing too fitted and skin-tight – the key to getting that slouchy look is to wear loose-fitting clothes. Avoid skin-tight anything and pick out clothes that have lots of wiggle room in them. This will not only help you achieve the easy and laidback look, it will also make your outfit more comfy.

loose and relaxed vibe loose fitting clothes loose goth look

  • Top it off with an oversized outerwear – it seems like, no matter what season it is, the Olsen twins always wear something on top of their outfit and too often, this outerwear is oversized. This gives the whole look more of that effortless feel. During the summer, you can opt for long, dramatic but light cardigans and kimonos and then come fall you can switch it up to bigger, heavier and chunkier outerwear like coats and jackets.

oversized coats with a 60s vibe oversized comfy outerwear oversized outerwear

  • Glam it up with heels and sunglasses – as with any look, of course, you have to have something in the mix to give it hint of glam and for the Olsen twins, it’s all about heels and sunnies. Finishing off your outfit with fab heels and sunglasses is what puts the chic in homeless chic so make sure to never leave the house without these two accessories. Of course, jewelry and other accessories will help glam it up even more, too.

glam heels platforms glam glasses and heels sunglasses and heels