How to Get the Parisian Chic Look

Parisian ladies just seem to have it all: good looks, great body, classy sense of style and wonderful taste for fashion. This is one of the reasons why Parisian women are considered one of the icons in the fashion world. They can pull off just about any look, whether it be street style inspired casual or super posh and glitzy glammy ones. If you’ve long wanted to get this chic look, you’re in luck because we’ve got you covered! Here are tips on how to get the Parisian chic look:

  • Avoid ill-fitting clothes – it isn’t very likely at all to see Parisian women scantily clad or wearing baggy outfits. This is one simple rule for achieving the Parisian chic look: always make sure that your clothes fit to the T. If you have issues with your body proportions, basic sewing skills would definitely be a plus since you will be able to adjust the fit of your clothes accordingly but if not, you can always have them adjusted by a tailor.

basic casual parisian chic

  • Choosing basic pieces – the Parisian look is super chic and easy to recreate. Most of the time, you’ll see Parisian women wearing just basic pieces like a shirt and jeans but they can make it look so classy and posh. The secret to that is choosing basic pieces that flatter your body type. Look for pieces that enhance your assets like sexy curves or long legs and also try to get your hands on basics that hide your flaws like, maybe, broad shoulders or wide hips.


cool parisian chic

  • For the most part, stick to neutral colors – one of the reasons why the Parisian chic look is so chic and sophisticated is because it’s simple and on point. Most often, you’d see Parisian women wear colors like black, blue, gray, brown and that is because these colors are neutral which makes mixing and matching easier. Base your wardrobe on neutral colors like these if you’re building a Parisian chic closet and add bright colors to accent them and give your outfits a more interesting twist.

simple look girly retro-ish

  • Get classy with accessories – when accessorizing, choose pieces that are classy and elegant. This means saying no to anything that you would wear with a casual / street style look but instead going for those pieces that look expensive. Take note that you can get elegant and expensive looking accessories without breaking the bank. You just have to take your sweet time looking for the perfect piece.

sophisticated simple

  • Don’t overdo it – the Parisian chic style is all about looking as effortlessly fabulous as possible and that’s not going to happen if you keep overdoing it. Keep your look light and if you must layer, create a maximum of three (that’s for really cold weather). Hair and makeup is important too but you don’t need to do much. A simple and natural look is often enough for makeup and easy hairstyles like ponytails, buns or even just easy tousled hair would do.

accented outfit street style