How to Get the Preppy Chic Look

Fashion fads come and go but there are those that stay quite a bit longer compared to others just because they’re much more stylish and cute. One example of that would be the preppy chic look. The preppy chic look has been around for some time now and it still holds its dear spot in the fashion scene with no signs of backing down or going out of style. Some may think that the preppy style is a bit geeky and nerdy but the style is actually quite sophisticated, if you ask me. Preppy chic is one of the hottest trends this year and if you want to know how to get the preppy chic look, read on below to see what you can wear to achieve the look and for some styling tips as well.

  • Brights and stripes – striped pieces are considered one of the staples of the preppy chic look. navy and white stripes are more preferred than black and white ones though the latter will do just as fine. The navy and white stripes combination may be a bit sailor-ish to you so mix in the chic factor by wearing them with bright colors. This makes for a classic preppy chic outfit. Of course, other striped color combinations can be worn, too.

stripes and brights stripes

  • Perfectly pleated – skirts are a great way to channel a preppy chic look. If you want to achieve the preppy chic look while wearing a skirt, make sure to get one that’s pleated. Knee-length plaid and pleated skirts are classic preppy look staples but you can make it much more chic by going for pleated skirts with cuter prints like florals and paisleys.  You can also go for pleated miniskirts if you want something sexier but still preppy looking. Pair it with a loose fitting comfy sweater and you’ve got this style nailed.

pleated skirt outfit

pleated skirt

  • Don’t skip the basics – while it’s always fun to mix in new things to an existing style, remember to never skip the basics because these are the foundations on which the style is based on. A crisp button up shirt, a good ol’ pair of jeans, Peter Pan collar shirts, a nice cardigan and some fabulous preppy accessories are just some of the things that should be in your closet if you’re planning on sporting the preppy chic style.

preppy chic look preppy chic

  • Go gaga for ginghams paired with other prints – if there’s one more print that the preppy look is known for aside from stripes, it would be gingham prints which are basically checkered prints. Turn your plain preppy style into preppy chic by tastefully combining ginghams with other cute prints and patterns. Some awesome combinations to try are ginghams and florals, ginghams and polka dots and ginghams and chevron patterns. Of course, you can also try to do gingham on gingham but pulling it off can be a bit of a task.

gingham gingham and prints

  • Create layers – the preppy chic look is known for its stylish layered look. start off with a nice button up shirt and top it off with asweater or a cardigan and, if it’s really cold outside, finish off with a jacket or a coat. Make your button up shirt’s collar pop to get that preppy chic vibe going on. a sweater underneath a dress with tights or leggings also make for a cute preppy chic winter look.

layered look layered