How to Keep Your Ladylike Style in Winter

Keeping warm in winter is the top priority which means style only comes second. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to it at all, though, and neither does it mean you have to lose your own personal style while trying to create cozy outfits. If you’re someone whose style is very ladylike and feminine, you might find winter dressing to be somewhat of a challenge so here are some tips on how to keep your ladylike style in winter to help you out.

  • WEAR TIGHTS UNDER SKIRTS AND DRESSES – wearing skirts and dresses out in the blistering cold isn’t exactly wise and practical but there is a workaround to it if you really want to create a dainty and feminine look. To keep your legs from freezing while you’re out in the cold, wear tights under your skirts and dresses. Layering like this will not only provide you with a warm outfit but will also add much style and personality to your look.

tights and dress tights and skirt outfit tights and skirt preppy look

tights boots and dress

  • GO FOR GIRLY DETAILS – so you can’t wear that light and soft dress you have that makes you look extra dainty, that’s fine. If you’re looking for other ways to create a look that’s both ladylike and comfy, pick out pieces that have girly details on them. Some ruffles, glitters, lace, sequins and embellishments can really make a simple piece look much more feminine.

girly cute details girly details in outfit girly details

  • SOFTEN IT UP WITH PASTELS – winter is the time when we are drawn most to darker colors, especially black, and sometimes all those dark hues can really give your outfit a stronger, edgier and more masculine look. You can soften this up by adding pops of pastel throughout your look. Lucky for you, pastel colors for winter is one of the season’s hottest trends so you won’t have any trouble finding lovely winter pieces in these soft hues.

pastel coat pastel colored coat pastel colors for winter

  • THROW ON A TRENCH COAT – a trench coat, no matter how formal or structured it may look, will always add that hint of sophistication to any look and can make a plain and simple outfit look super stylish and chic. If you’re looking for an outerwear to splurge and invest on, make it a trench coat.

trench coat in nude trench coat in white trench coat outfit winter white coat

  • WEAR HEELS WHEN YOU CAN – unless the road is covered in slush and the road is slippery and wet, try to wear your heels whenever you can. It’s one of the easiest ways to make an outfit look sexy and girly without looking like you’re trying too hard. Heeled boots always make any outfit look sleeker and more sophisticated than any other kind of shoes, too.

heels winter outfit heels outfit for winter heels in winter