How to Layer Your Jewelry

Layering your accessories, especially your jewelry, seems to be one of the hottest trend of today. Arm parties are super popular and we’re seeing more and more of multilayered necklaces as well. Layered jewelry always looks great if you need something to dress up a simple outfit and make it pop. It may look super easy (I mean, what’s so hard about throwing everything on and just rocking it, right?) but it can actually be a little tricky to put things together and create a look that makes sense. If you want to get in on the latest trend in accessories, check out these tips on how to layer your jewelry.

  • Decide on a theme – if you’re going to stack up your jewelry, you’ll want to create a look that’s well-put together instead of one that looks like everything was just casually thrown in without a thought. You don’t want  to accessorize without rhyme or rhythm so make sure that before you even start layering, you have a ‘theme’ to follow in mind. You can create a theme based on your outfit, your makeup, other accessories that you’re wearing or even just the way you feel. This theme will help you decide on which pieces of jewelry to add and which ones to leave out.

leather and gold with pearls two tone ring stack

  • Don’t forget the basics – tempting as it may be to layer and stack up all your fancy pieces together, don’t forget to always start with the basic pieces and build your way from there. Layering all statement jewelry is never a good idea since they will all just tend to compete for attention. Make it easier for the eyes to know what the focal point of your layered jewelry look is by beginning with basic pieces and adding a few more elaborate, ornate and decorative ones.

elegant gold necklace layers

necklace and body jewelry

  • Go for length – if you’re layering necklaces, the best way to do it is in varying lengths. You’ll want your layers to be visible and you’ll want all your pieces to look like ‘individual pieces of jewelry put together for one cohesive look’ instead of just one clump of a mess. Use necklaces of different chain lengths and try to use chains of different styles and textures, too, to keep the look interesting.

stacked necklaces layered jewelry look

  • Tip for stacking rings – when it comes to rings, it’s no longer all about the conventional ones anymore. Today, you have so many choices ranging from the regular rings to knuckle rings to ring chains to midi rings and what not. Thick and chunky statement rings are always better off on their own so if you’re planning on layering, go for the daintier ones instead.

silver rings layered dainty gold rings

  • Give your arm party some attitude – there are so many looks you can do for an arm party but make sure yours is always fabulous by adding one or two eye-catching pieces on. Bangles give your arm party some serious attitude when mixed in with all the other arm candies. Some really colorful paracords would look great for summer arm parties and a chunky bracelet is perfect if you want something striking but subtle. If you think you’re still far from going overboard, try adding a timepiece on and see how you like it.

classy arm party all gold arm party