How to Look Chic and Sleek in a Biker Jacket

Biker jackets are very edgy and masculine. Not all women are a hundred percent sure about wearing one because a lot of them think that biker jackets are too manly for their girly fashion sense. However, if you are a fun and fearless fashionistas, you know all too well that a biker jacket is never too manly. The secret to looking chic and sleek in a biker jacket really all just depends on what you wear with it. So, if you’re one of those not yet convinced that women CAN look extraordinarily gorgeous and sexy in biker jackets or if you’re simply not sure how to wear them, here are some tips and suggestions for you.

  • Wear it with a dainty dress – not too sure you want to give up your frilly feminine style but at the same time getting tired of the ‘sweety, cutie-patootie’ look? Why not add a cool, edgy biker jacket on top of a dainty dress to add a little bit of a rock and roll, tough chick edge? You can still go about wearing your favorite heels but if you want an edgier look, pair your outfit with boots instead.

dress and biker jacketpink dress and biker jacket

  • Wear it with maxis – another cool way to use a biker jacket is to pair it with either a maxi dress or a maxi skirt. This combination makes a great ‘boho rocker’ look. Go for maxis with light colors to create great contrast with a black leather jacket and achieve a softer, more feminine look and choose an all black maxi outfit if you want to look cooler.

all black maxi outfit

biker jacket and grey maxi

  • Wear with shorts – because biker jackets are often made from tough and sturdy fabric like leather, they make a great addition to your fall wardrobe. Have the liberty to wear shorts without necessarily having to feel cold during fall by wearing your favorite pair of shorts with a biker jacket. Wear leather shorts if you want a tougher look or denim shorts for a summer vibe.

leather biker jacket and denim shortsleather biker jacket adn shorts

  • Wear leather pants with it – if you want to sport a full on biker chick look, pair your leather biker jacket with leather pants. This combination is sure to make you look sizzling hot and super sexy. Make your look more spot on by adding studded accessories.

leather on leatherfull leather

  • Wear bright colors with it – whether it comes in the form of accessories or other clothing item, a biker jacket could always benefit from something fun and bright especially because most biker jacket come in dark colors like black and brown or in denim.

biker and yellow scarfred pants and biker jacket