How to Look Chic in Loungewear

Stepping out in your pajamas and nightgowns seems to be the thing nowadays. You can literally go shopping in loungewear without anyone batting their eyelashes or looking twice (save, maybe, for the few odd looks that non-fashion-obsessed people who don’t care much for trends will shoot you). Does that mean, then, that you can actually roll out of bed and go straight to the mall? Not really. You’d still have to style your loungewear in such a way that it looks intentional and not accidental. You’ll want to look like you’re on trend and not just some crazy chick going around town in her jammies. If you’re ready to embrace this trend, check out these tips on how to look chic in loungewear.

  • Silhouette proportion is key – the first thing you should remember when doing the loungewear trend is to make sure that you achieve a balanced silhouette. If you’re sporting baggy pants, make sure your top is more fitted and vice versa. Don’t wear matching pajama top and bottom if both pieces are baggy. Instead, feel free to wear a loose pair of pajama pants with a sexy fitted tank top or skinny jeans with baggy pajama tops.

black and red sexy grunge outfit fun shoes and printed jammies white lace nightie

simple loungewear outfit

  • Wear killer shoes – if you’re gonna step out of the house wearing loungewear, make up for what would seem like the lack of effort in dressing up by wearing loud and bold statement killer shoes. Avoid shoes that give off too much of that casual vibe. UGGs and flip flops may be the most comfortable things to walk around in all day but they’ll make you look like a slob. Go for something more fancy and chic like stilettos or maybe even gladiator shoes. This will make your outfit look more intentional.

black and white shoes and jogger pants simple loungewear outfit killer shoes and pajamas matching pajama set

  • Go all out on hair and makeup – going with the whole ‘all natural’ look is great and all but it’s just not exactly the best look to go for if you’re sporting the loungewear trend. You don’t need to look all out red carpet glammed out either. All I’m saying is that if you’re stepping out in loungewear, at least wear a decent (read: noticeable) amount of makeup on and get your hair up in a nice ‘do so you don’t look like you sleepwalked your way to the mall.

perfectly sleek hair and pajamas pajama anf skinny jeans black and white perfect fit outfit

  • Mix and match – don’t be afraid to wear mismatched loungewear. You don’t have to step outdoors decked out in polka dot jammy top and bottoms if you think that’s too much for you. Instead, mix and match with other pieces that have other prints or anchor the printed piece down with a plain, solid colored piece.

loungewear outfit plain top and printed pajamas silk pajama and denim shorts perfectly slouchy sleepwear outfit

  • Don’t forget to accessorize – since you are technically putting together an outfit for going out and spending the day outdoors, you’ll want to treat it and put it together like any other everyday look and that means you’ll have to add on some accessories to complete the look, too. It can be anything from something as simple as just stud earrings and a bracelet to something louder and bolder like chunky bib necklaces and statement rings.

black cardigan and slip dress outfit cami and tweed chunky necklaces and pajamas accessorized pajama outfit