How to Look Cute at the Gym

Just because you’re going to be sweating it all out in the gym doesn’t mean you can’t look cute anymore, right? Sure, your number one goal is to burn off some calories and get one step closer to your ideal weight and body but I’m pretty sure that aside from that, you would want to look cute as well. Makeup at the gym is highly debated. Some people don’t like to wear any because they’re pretty sure it’s all going to turn out into a hot mess in the end while others like to do their workout routine with at least some kind of coverage on their face and a bit of blush and gloss. Dressing up for the gym, on the other hand, is more liberating. You can wear whatever you want as long as it’s comfortable and, if you want, stylish. If you like working out in style, check out these tips on how to look cute at the gym.

  • Wear something cute – the easiest way to look cute is to wear something cute. A lot of brands sell really gorgeous workout clothes that are both comfy and cute. In fact, some of the clothes you’ll find from these brands are so cute you’re gonna want to sport them even when you aren’t headed for the gym. You can buy cute workout gear from your favorite stores but if you are on a tight budget, you can also make your own. Tank tops, for example, are really easy to make and they’re perfect for working out.

post gym outfit bright and neutral outfit

  • Add color to your workout wardrobe – one of the things that I’ve noticed in most women’s workout wardrobes is that most pieces come in neutral colors like black, white, gray or beige. While using a neutral color palette makes mixing and matching pieces easier, adding a few pieces in bright colors is always a good idea so you can add a pop of color to your outfit to make it look cuter and more fun. Neon, for example, is stunning enough that you only need one piece to mix with your neutral outfit to make it pop.

matching neon jacket and sheos

flourescent tank top

  • Follow some trends – not all trends suit everyone but if you do find one that makes you look better, follow that trend and try to sport it at the gym. For this spring, pastel colors are one of the hottest trends so you can try wearing some workout pieces in pastel. Be wise in deciding which trends to sport and which ones to leave out. Some trends will have you looking fab while others make you look drab.

pop of color colorful tank tops

  • Try prints, patterns and graphics – plain workout pieces can be a bit of a bore sometimes. Spice up your workout wardrobe by adding some pieces with prints, patterns or graphics. A floral sweatshirt is perfect if you want to look more girly while polka dots on anything always make the item cuter and quirkier.

sexy workout look striped sports bra

  • Flaunt your assets – one of the biggest mistakes I see women in the gym make is that they wear pieces that aren’t exactly flattering on them. Just because everybody is wearing cropped yoga pants doesn’t mean you have to as well. especially when you don’t have very long legs. Choose an asset to flaunt and work your gym outfit around that. Got nice abs? Wear a crop top. if you have long, slender and toned legs, choose to wear shorts instead of pants. Wearing something that draws attention to your asset is one of the best ways to look cute at the gym.

asset flaunting outfit winter gym outfit