How to Look Fabulous in a Shirt Dress

A shirt dress is a very versatile piece of clothing that can be worn from day to night, depending on how it is styled. It can go from laid back casual to downright gorgeous. It is also one of the few clothing items that you can easily wear in all seasons just by adding other essentials and accessories. It makes for such a great addition to your closet that we recommend all girls to at least have one. If you want something that can act as a blank canvass for your outfit, choose a plain and basic shirt tee but if you want something to BE your whole outfit, choose one in a beautiful color or one with pretty patterns or prints. Here are some tips on how you can look fabulous in a simple shirt dress:

  • Add a belt to your shirt dress – there are some shirt  dress designs that are done rather shapeless so if you’ve got some curves to flaunt, cinch your shirtdress at the waist and wear it with a belt. There’s no rule as to what kind of belt to wear with a shirt dress. You can choose a plain belt, studded, leather, fabric, cheap or expensive, whatever you fancy.

belt shirt dressbelted black shirt dressbelted black shirt dress

  • Accessorize – use your accessories to avoid looking too much of a Plain Jane in your shirt dress. Whether it’s your jewelry, a hat, your purse or your shoes, accessorizing plays a vital part in looking good in a shirt dress. If you’re wearing a plain and basic one, make sure to have one statement piece that’s going to make your outfit pop. Subtle and dainty accessories should be enough if you’re wearing a printed shirt dress.

accessories and shirt dressaccessories on shirt dressaccessories casual shirt dress

  • Add layers – if you loved wearing shirt dresses during summer and spring and would like to continue doing so for fall, layering should help you out heaps. Not only will this technique make you feel warmer, it also makes you look very stylish.

layer shirt dresslayering shirt dress

  • Do not get a shirt dress that’s too tight – and don’t get one that’s too baggy either. A shirt dress that fits too tightly can be unflattering, especially if it’s a button down shirt dress. You wouldn’t want those buttons popping out, now, do you? There should just be enough room in your dress shirt for you to move around comfortably without and movement restrictions. On the other hand, a baggy shirt dress could look like you just stole something from dad’s closet.

shirt dress fitshirt dress flattering fit

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