How to Look Good at Work

Looking good at work doesn’t only give you a confidence boost; it also makes the people around you have a better impression of you. This is especially important if you are new to the workplace and would like to impress everyone and leave a first good impression. Feeling good about the way you look at work can also affect your performance. Knowing that you look good can make you more productive rather than looking like a lazy mess. Here are some things you can add to your wardrobe as well as some tips on how to look good at work:

  • Top off your outfit with a blazer – whether it’s a dress, a shirt, a sweater or a plain and simple tee, you can top it off with a blazer to make your look go from casual to business casual which is a great look to go for if you want something you can wear to the office every day.

blazer outfit blazer

  • Sport a skirt suit every now and then – most workplaces have certain days when they require workers to wear corporate attire. For these days, wear a skirt suit. It’s a more feminine version of the regular suit which makes you look more girly and chic but has the same empowering effect. Not to mention, most skirt suits come with pencil skirts which are very  flattering for all body types / body figures. Pair your skirt suit with gorgeous high heels to create a strong look and an even stronger impact.

skirt suit outfitc

skirt suit

  • Accessorize well – workplace-appropriate outfits often don’t feature that many colors, especially bright ones. To make up for this and to give your outfit more details, be sure to accessorize. Not just any accessory, though. Choose sophisticated pieces like a gold, silver or rose gold watch, some pearl earrings, a stunning leather handbag, a silk scarf and a really fabulous pair of shoes. Of course, you don’t have to wear all these at once but don’t wear anything casual like plastic cuffs and bangles, cord bracelets, funky light up watches and the like. Reserve those for more casual outfits instead.

accessories accessorie for work

  • Add a pop of color to your outfit – you may not get to wear bright colors full on when you’re dressing up for work but that doesn’t mean you avoid wearing them completely! Add an exciting twist to your work outfit by adding a pop of color to it. one or two bright colors (harmonious colors, of course) added to your work outfit is sure to make you look sassy and chic.

pop of color outfit pop of color

  • Work with texture – adding different textures to your outfit can make it look more interesting and exciting. This is especially beneficial if you are the type who tends to wear monochromatic outfits to work. Adding texture to your outfit does not have to be limited to your clothes. You can work with texture on accessories too! a fur vest, a leather bag, suede shoes, plastic or metal hair accessories – all these and more can add texture to your outfit and make it more stylish.

texture texture play