How to Look Good in Boots and Shorts

Shorts are usually worn in the summer while boots are mostly worn during winter so when fashionistas around the globe started wearing boots and shorts together, the rising trend got mixed reviews and opinions. The boots and shorts trend is famous, even among Hollywood stars. This is one of the few trends that can easily be worn during summer, spring and even until early fall.

fringe boots and shorts

Of course, pairing boots and shorts is not always easy. Although there are women who are just lucky to look effortlessly chic in it, this trend can be a bit tricky. If you don’t know how to mix and match boots and shorts, it may come out tacky. There are a few tips and tricks to wearing boots and shorts correctly. The pairing may seem odd but if you just follow these tips and tricks, you can pull off the chic trend easily.

fringe boots and shorts

Ankle boots are selling like hotcakes nowadays. Everyone seems to want a pair of them and considers them the go-to kind of boots for pairing with shorts. This is because ankle boots are the best kinds of boots to pair with shorts. This is regardless of whether you have long or short legs. For a casual summer day out, you can match together a pair of denim cut offs with suede ankle boots. A regular pair of shorts, suede ankle boots and a light sweater or cardigan looks fab worn during early fall.

ankle boots and shorts

sexy boots and shorts

If you’re going out a night to party, you can wear a neutral-colored pair of ankle boots and pair it with bright, short shorts. All you’ll need then is a shiny, glittery top and you’re set to rock the night.

boots and shorts for summer

One of the things to consider when wearing boots is the length of your shorts and the height of your heels. Always remember that the shorter your shorts are, the lower your boots’ heels should be unless, of course, you are trying to get the look of Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman.

chic boots and shorts

grungy boots and shorts

If you want to go with the boots and shorts trend and want to look ultra chic and feminine, you should consider wearing a pair of ankle boots with shorts of softer material like lace, tweed, sequins and the like. Complete the girly vibe with a pair of tights.

feminine boots and shorts

Now, enough with the ankle boots and on to higher cut boots. If you want to exude a tougher, stronger rebel-like kind of aura, you should go with Hunter boots and a pair of leather shorts. Of course, this boots and shorts combo would look very well with a military or leather jacket.

hunter boots and shorts

hip boots and shorts

Wearing boots and shorts may be tricky but as long as you follow these and wear them with confidence, you’re sure to look your best.

summer outfit with boots