How to Look Gorgeously Ethereal for Romantic Dates

Even if your everyday casual style consists of jeans and a t-shirt, there are times when you just want to look and feel extra girly and feminine and most of the time, you’d want to feel that way when you’re going on a romantic date with your man. There are lots of ways to look (and feel) more girly but what does it take to make your guy’s eyes locked and focused on you the whole time? Here are some tips on how to look gorgeously ethereal for romantic dater.

  • Do curly / wavy hair – Loose curls or slight, natural waves always look so much softer and more romantic compared to pin straight hair so take the time to get our your curling wand / hot rollers and do your hair. You can leave it down for a more relaxed look or do a cute half updo if you want something that would make you look more polished. Make sure to mist your hair with a good heat protectant before doing this to prevent damage and to use a hair spray after to lock in your gorgeous hairstyle. Check out these romantic hairstyles for special events you can take inspiration from.

dreamy hair style messy chic half updo big romantic wavy hair

  • Try braids – if curling is not your thing and you don’t want to use heat on your hair, another thing that you could do is to braid your hair instead. Braids always add a nice and girly touch to any look. Choose braided hairstyles that aren’t too tight or too made-up and go with loose and slightly messy ones instead to get that nice laidback and romantic look. Here are some romantic braided hairstyles you can take inspiration from.

double half crown heart braid fairy fishtail braid tiny side braids

  • Choose skirts over pants / shorts – skirts are so much more romantic and they have more of that feminine feel compared to pants or shorts. Wear them with a cute, dressy top and you should be good to go. If you really want to get that ethereal feel going, I suggest going for a light and flowy skirt like a high-low or a maxi.

ethereal look for fallsexy pastel skirt old rose scalloped skirt neutral look for fall

  • Or go with a dress – not sure what to wear with a skirt? Save yourself the stress and go with a dress instead. Dresses are so easy, all you have to think about it accessorizing. As with a skirt, try to get one that’s light, free-flowing and flouncy to really nail the ethereal and romantic look and feel.

sheer romantic dress romantic shift dress cute dress and purse

  • Stick to light colors – the whole ethereal look can be achieved by sticking with light colors. Darker colors tend to give off an edgier vibe so try to steer clear of these for a while. Champagne, white, light pink, baby peach, pastel colors and light neutrals all make for a great ethereal look.

street style etherealeasy casual and ethereal outfit white pleated romper dress

  • Dewy makeup – forget about doing that sultry smoky eye you just mastered and go with a natural dewy look instead. Check out these tips on perfecting the dewy look for that soft and romantic makeup look.

soft dewy makeup perfect date makeup light makeup look gorgeous sexy makeup

  • Spritz on your favorite perfume – this may not add much to your look but it will make a great impression on your man. Be generous in spritzing perfume so you get great sillage. Don’t overdo it, though. You don’t want people to smell you from a mile away. You want your scent to just whiff past through people when you pass by. This will also help give your overall ethereal and romantic look a more mysterious vibe.

spraying perfume finale spray on perfume