How To Look Modern And Stylish In Corduroy

It is a sad fact how corduroy’s popularity has fallen out lately. Being overshadowed by its more casual cousin, denim, corduroy has been left in the back of the room–nearly forgotten. But the thing is, corduroy has its own edge too. The textile is in that cool position of standing in that line between dressy and casual.

The shiny material that it is made of gives off that dressy impression that makes it easily wearable to any fancy event that calls for some dressing up. All the while, the smooth and delicate fabric makes it utterly suitable in a casual setting. Corduroy is especially great to wear during fall and winter because, with the usual earthy and cozy tones that goes with the fabric, it could blend well with the abundance of opaque that is present during these colder seasons.

So you might want to stand back and look at corduroy in a different perspective. Try to see the fabric’s own unique appeal that will deem it a worthy part of your wardrobe. Here are some ways to look modern and stylish in corduroy that might help you think about the textile again.

The most common way to wear corduroy is by wearing it as a pair of flared jeans. This is certainly vintage-y and a throwback to the seventies, which, by the way, is the decade in which many designers have taken inspiration for their lines this year. Flared jeans are also a great alternative pants for skinny jeans and the silhouette is flattering for any body type. You just have to

orange corduroy flared jeanscorduroy flared jeans Olivia Palermo

But another way for you to wear corduroy pants is by straight-cut pants or boot-cut. You might even want to try out corduroy skinny jeans. Besides, corduroy is exceptional when it’s stretchable. Anyway, this kind of pants is more modern and might be easier to incorporate on everyday outfits.

corduroy jeans burgundy

cuffed corduroy jeans

Another chic way to incorporate corduroy into a modern ensemble is by wearing it as an outerwear–a.k.a jackets, blazers, and coats. These times are really fitting for corduroy because, as aforementioned, corduroys are best worn during the colder seasons. You can go for a totally unconventional outerwear color–something bright and bold–and that piece will serve as the highlight of your outfit. Or you can simply find a corduroy jacket that will harmonize well with the rest of your ensemble.

green corduroy jacketbrown corduroy blazer

You can also try to play up with the natural texture of the fabric and go for a fitted mini skirt which can be ideal during the spring/summer or fall/winter. Simply find the right garments to pair up with your corduroy mini skirts that will be suitable for the season. For example, you can go for an all-out opaque outfit like Alexa Chung here did for her fall street style outfit. Or you could opt for a loose cotton shirt and ankle boots for your spring/summer street style outfit.

red corduroy skirt

I know that corduroys are one of the preppy fashionista’s sacred fabrics. But here’s a completely different and quick preppy look that’s totally unconventional. Replace those stiff corduroy pantsuits with either one of these simple-silhouetted dress or the flowing A-lined one. Either way, they both take advantage of the delicate flow of the fabric and gives off a preppy impression.

corduroy button-front dressred corduroy dress

Lastly, you may also want to mix up different textiles in one outfit. Corduroys could be paired with leather, silk, suede, or even its cousin, denim. The key is to find a color and the right designs of the two garments that will be worn in one attire.

corduroy jacket and suede skirtcorduroy skirt and silk sleeveless top