How to Look Posh and Polished in Ripped Jeans

Ripped and distressed jeans are super hot right now but they’re not exactly the best pieces to go for if you’re aiming for a more posh and polished look. There are, however, ways that you can make an outfit look like so, even when you’re wearing ripped jeans. Of course, these outfits are not going to be office-worthy but they’re perfect for chic street style looks. Here are some ideas on how to look posh and polished in ripped jeans.

  • Don’t wear any more slouchy pieces – one slouchy piece at a time – that’s how you keep an outfit looking chic and not slobby. Yes, the ‘lazy look’ is very much on trend right now but don’t go all out looking like a homeless wreck. When wearing ripped jeans, keep the rest of your outfit looking polished. This will help make your ripped jeans look more intentional instead of it looking like you had to wear it because there was nothing else in your closet.

cute sweater and ripped jeans white ripped jeans and sheer blouse ripped jeans and button up shirt

  • Wear a dressy top – another way to look posh while wearing ripped jeans is to pair it up with a dressy top. A silk blouse or a cute, printed button up or maybe even a party top is something that would definitely make ripped jeans look a whole lot classier.

dressy black peplum top white ripped jeans and sheer blouse lace and ripped jeans neon belt and brown shirt

  • Sport a blazer – wearing a blazer on top of any outfit always gives it a much more professional look and though I can’t guarantee that a blazer will let you wear your ripped jeans to work, it will, most definitely, give your outfit more of that posh and polished look.

barbie pink blazer jacket poppy delevingne ripped jeans outfit white blazer and ripped cropped jeans

  • Leather makes it better – we all know how luxe and lavish leather always looks, not to mention super cool and edgy, so if you’re looking for a way to look well put together in ripped jeans, simply wear it with a leather top or a leather jacket. This is a guaranteed way to make your ripped jeans look more chic and stylish.

cool and edgy look effortlessly cool outfit leather jacket and ripped jeans

  • Simply chic – want to know what never looks bad when paired with anything? A plain white tee. Pair it up with your ripped jeans, put your hair up in a ponytail and swipe on that perfect shade of red lipstick and BAM! You’ve got instant model off duty status. It’s a very simple and easy look to pull off but it’s one of the chicest, too!

ripped jeans and plain white shirt sexy white shirt white shirt kim kardashian

  • Tomboy twist – since you’re already wearing something rough and rugged anyway, why not go all out and give your look a tomboy twist? Ripped jeans, a graphic shirt or a sweater and a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go. Great outfit combo for when you’re hanging out with the guys.

graphic top and ripped jeans tomboyish look chunky sweater and ripped jeans