How to Look Pretty

Being pretty is not being perfect. It’s about how you look at yourself, it’s about how you give respect to yourself and to others.

It is just so hard for other people to see the real “PRETTY” in this society, due to the influenced of modern life living.

pretty girl

Pretty now are those who wear less clothes or just almost naked. As an opinion, pretty is a word that could describe a person who stands out not because they step on others, they’re popular because people loves them.

emma roberts

A person who knows who she is and she can accept the fact that everyone has their own uniqueness and prettiness, without using make up. But if you’re still not convinced, here are some tips to look and feel pretty.

how to be pretty


Old but it works. Live, laugh, love works, always. Live your life to the fullest without stepping on anyone’s shadow, laugh because your happy not because you embarrassed someone, love because you mean it, don’ t play with the feelings of others to add them on your trophies.

Beautiful Girls

Just think that life is too short to be mean and life is beautiful to be ugly towards other people.



Problems are everywhere but you can’t see them, that is why ignore them. Well not really ignore, you can solve it but don’t just put your life to it. There are some who got worst one. Seek help if you can’t make it. Asking for help can not kill you.



We are all equal. Some are tall some are short, some are black some are white, and some are fat some are thin. Everyone is pretty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

jeniffer lopez

So don’t feel bad if other people think you’re not pretty, as long as there are people who know and believes that you’re pretty, AND of course, you believe you are pretty.

being pretty

Don’t try to fix yourself, don’t do hair treatments, or don’t try to fix your natural skin color. LOVE YOURSELF. Your imperfections might be the most perfect thing that one person can see on you. It is normal to be judged, just don’t believe it if you think it is not really true.



A pretty face can brightens a person’s day. SMILE! Even though life is hard, Just play along and SMILE!