How to Look Taller In an Instant

Looking tall is something that a lot of women dream of. Often times, they envy the legs of models walking down the runway – long and slender. Unfortunately, though, not every woman is blessed to have such legs. Genes is the major factor that decides whether you get long legs or not. if long legs run in your family, you have a good shot at them but if not, you may have to look for other ways to look taller. Surgery is one option but it can be risky and expensive. Another would be to take supplements that can boost growth but that has age limits and can be a bit heavy on the pocket as well. One quick and easy way to look taller in an instant is to simply watch what you wear. There are a couple of things that you can wear that can help you create an illusion of a taller figure. Here are some of the ways on how to look tall:

  • Wear high heels – the simplest, most obvious way to make yourself look a few inches taller is to wear high heels. If you’re petite and would like to look taller, investing in a few couple of good pairs of heels would be very beneficial. When choosing heels, make sure that you are comfortable with their height. If you’re not comfy in 6-inch heels, you can go for shorter ones like kitten heels.

high heels outfit high heels

  • Wear high waisted pants – the common misconception about high waisted pants is that they’re meant only for women who are already tall. However, shorter ladies can wear them too. In fact, they can help shorter women look taller by creating the illusion of a higher waist and longer lower torso. Also try to go for high waisted pants with a flared bottom. This can also enhance the elongating effect that the high waisted pants give.

high waisted pants

high waisted

  • Go for maxi skirts – another item that petite girls tend to shy away from is the maxi skirt. Just like high waisted pants, they are also believed to be for tall women but shorter ladies can certainly rock them as well. Choose maxi skirts or maxi dresses that hit the floor just right to make sure that they make you look taller instead of drowning you in fabric and making you look shorter.

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  • Go monochromatic – wearing one color from head to toe creates an unbroken line that fakes the eyes into thinking that you are a whole lot taller than you really are. It would also help heaps if you could wear darker colors. This will not only make you look taller but a few pounds lighter as well. It’s a very chic look that needs a lot of confidence to look right.

monochromatic outfit monochromatic

  • Wear a top knot – it may seem like a very simple thing to do but wearing a top knot extends your height and makes you look instantly taller. It would be better, too, if you could make your top knot taller. It doesn’t matter if you wear it sleek or messy, though, so feel free to rock whatever you’re most comfy with.

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