How to Look Taller Without Wearing Heels

If you’re a petite lady, I’m pretty sure you’re tired of having to sacrifice comfort just to get a bit of a height boost with a pair of heels. Though they look pretty and fierce, heels can actually be a real pain, especially when you have to wear them all day. Not everyone, too, can walk around in heels comfortable and graciously for long periods of time. if you’re petite and you’re looking for ways to look taller without having to sacrifice comfort, you’re in luck! Today, we’ll be showing you how to look tall without wearing heels. The key to looking taller does not always lie in the shoes you wear. Sometimes, they key to looking taller lies in what clothes you wear. Read on below and see how you can comfortably add a few inches to your look instantly.

  • Mind your posture – having great posture has a lot of benefits and one of them is looking taller than you actually are. Standing and sitting up straight creates the illusion of a longer silhouette so you look taller instantly. Keep track of yourself and straighten up your back anytime you notice you’re beginning to slouch. Soon enough, this will be an unconscious effort but for now, keep those shoulders back and stop slugging around.

good posture matters posture management

  • Create monochromatic outfits – one of the major benefits of wearing a monochromatic outfit is that it makes you look taller. Wearing the same color from head to toe creates an unbroken line, making you look elongated and taller. As a bonus point, monochromatic outfits make you look leaner and slimmer as well! Master the art of a monochromatic outfit and you’ll never have to look sloppy and short a day in your life.

white moonochromatic with sneakers

all black outfit and flats

  • Go for vertical stripes – vertical stripes are indispensible when it comes to dressing up to look taller. Vertically striped pants make you look at least 2 inches taller, more if you’re wearing your stripes right (stripe size and stripe colors matter).  Stripes make the eyes go up and down, creating length or at least the illusion of it which makes you look taller. Wear stripes strategically, too, so you end up with an outfit that has great proportions. if you have a longer lower torso, choose to elongate your upper torso instead of making the longer part even longer.

cute striped dress chic striped skirt

  • Avoid big bags – yes, they’re very convenient as you can just chuck anything in there anytime but carrying big bags can actually make you look shorter instead of taller. Instead, go for small to medium sized bags that won’t overwhelm your figure. Cross body bags are super convenient for squeezing in to a crowded area like malls and vertical line that the strap creates makes you look taller as well.

small yellow purse small fringed cross body bag

  • Try wedges – if all else fails and you still need to rely on your shoes for that height boost you so greatly need, swap your heels for wedges instead. Wedges offer more support. They’re more stable than heels and they’re definitely much more comfortable, too!

maxi skirt and wedge sneaker wedge in pink