How to Make Crop Tops Work for You

Crop tops are one of the hottest items for spring and summer. They’re super cool, a little sexy but definitely wearable with everyday outfits. There are just so many things you can wear with a crop top and so many looks you can pull off from it that it makes a great spring and summer wardrobe staple. There are some women, though, who think that crop tops are just too much for them or that crop tops won’t work for them but I think crop tops are pretty forgiving and would work well with just about any body type. If you’re having second thoughts on whether or not you can rock a crop top and how you can make it look good, we’ve got you covered! Here are some tips on how to make crop tops work for you.

  • Choose a flattering length – one of the major things to consider when choosing crop tops is the length. If you have some amazing abs to sport and show off, you can go for a crop top that falls just under the chest area so you have a good amount of your abs showing. If your tummy isn’t your strongest asset, though, you can always opt for a longer crop top that hits just right above the belly button. This length is one of the most universally flattering lengths for crop tops so it’s a great length to go with if you’re unsure of how to go about choosing your crop top.

nautical themed outfit cute mint crop top

  • Pair it with high waisted bottoms – one really chic and stylish combination you can make is a crop top paired with high waisted bottoms. Wearing your crop top with high waisted bottoms minimizes the amount of skin that’s showing so the look seems more classy and elegant. It adds definition to the waist as well so it creates a flattering silhouette.

high waisted skater skirt

posh high waisted pencil skirt

  • Keep it balanced – when it comes to crop top outfits, it’s all about the balance, ladies. If you’re sporting a tight fitting crop top, make sure to balance it out with wide legged pants or fuller skirts below. On the other hand, if what you’ve got is a rather boxy crop top, you can create balance by wearing it with something more figure hugging at the bottom like skinny jeans or leggings.

cool and simple crop top and maxi skirt

  • Throw something on top – not everyone is confident about walking around with their midsections bare so a great way to make up for this is to throw on something on top like a blazer or a cardigan that you can use to somehow make the look more conservative. It’s also a great trick to make your crop top get more of an everyday ordinary look.

chic crop top outfit

chic crop top outfit

  • Wear it as a layering piece – lastly, if the thought of having your midsection bare still isn’t very comfortable for you, why not try wearing your crop top as a layering piece instead? wear it on top of a shirt or a tank top to get a trendy look that’s not too sexy or revealing but still cute and stylish, you can also wear it on top of dresses to add layers. The best kind of crop tops to wear for this, by the way, is the slouchy kind.

slouchy pink crop top floral crop top