How to Make 3 Different Kinds of Earrings

No matter how many thousands of earrings are in front of you in a boutique, it just seems so difficult to find one pair that’s unique. Looking for a cute pair of earrings is especially hard if you have a particular dress or outfit that you need to pair it with. Finding the perfect pair of earrings for you can be quite a task so if you have creative, crafty hands anyway, why not make your own earrings?

There are lots of different types of earrings. The easiest ones to make are stud earrings although dangling earrings and hoop earrings are fairly easy to make as well. You don’t really need a lot of things to make your own earrings. Basic tools like wire cutters, shank removers (optional) or pliers, jump rings, nylon strings or thin metal wires, blank earring bases and earrings backs, hot glue and decorative things you’d like to put on your earrings like buttons, feathers, lace and beads are really all you need and these items aren’t expensive. They’re not difficult to find as well, all of the tools you’ll need can be found from the jewelry making supplies section of your local craft store.

Chandelier earrings are very glamorous

chandelier earrings

Gorgeous and fancy drop earrings

fancy drop earrings

To make stud earrings, choose a small material as the main design of your earrings. You can use buttons with cute designs like floral ones or even vintage-looking buttons and you can also use other things like polymer clay designs but don’t feel limited to these. Whatever you fancy to be in your stud earring is okay. If your buttons have shanks or loops at the back, simply remove them with shank removers or pliers.  If the back of your design material is smooth, roughen it up a bit by scratching it against sand paper or a file to make the glue stick better. Glue your design to a blank earring base and let it dry and voila! You have your very own stud earring!

Stud earrings are simple but chic

chic stud earrings

cute diy tassel earrings

cute diy-tassel-earrings

Another kind of earring you can do is feather earrings. These are all the rage today. Even brands like Forever21 and Betsey Johnson have them. To do single feather earrings, simply take the feather you want to attach to your earring, sew it onto a jump ring and connect it to an earring hook. You can also do multiple / layered feather earring by sewing together the feathers of your choice before connecting it to the jump ring. If you aren’t comfortable with earring hooks, you can attach feathers to a stud earring as well using either a jump ring or any connector of your choice.

Feather earrings are a hot trend

feather earrings

Unique feather earrings with multiple layers

cute feather earrings

Lace earrings are perfect for outfits that are soft and feminine. You can make lace earrings that are either studs or on hooks (like a dangling lace earring). For stud lace earrings, take a button or anything that can be glued on a blank earring base, cover it in lace and attach it to the blank earring base. if you want dangling lace earrings, you can cut out a certain lace pattern (if it’s too soft and it curls up, you can harden it with starch so the pattern would keep its shape), sew it on to the jump ring and connect the jump ring to the earring hook.

Lace earrings are very chic

dangle lace earrings

Stud lace earrings

lace stud earrings

Sexy drop earrings are classy when worn with the right outfit

sexy drop earrings

Beads add more fun to plain hoop earrings

hoop earrings

DIY tassel earrings

DIY tassel earrings

Silver earrings with beads

tassel earrings

Another tutorial on how to make bling earrings!

how to make earrings

DiY earrings with beads

DiY earrings with beads