How to Make Leather Work for Daytime Looks

Leather is such a sleek and heavy fabric that gives you such a kickass vibe. It’s usually and most commonly worn during the colder months of fall and winter but outfits with leather pieces for spring and summer do come by every now and then during night time. You see, unless it’s freezing cold outside or you’re going for a ride on your boyfriend’s bike, leather isn’t exactly the kind of fabric you would wear during a warm spring / summer day. It’s hot, it’s heavy and it’s just not a very comfortable feeling once you start to swear in heavy leather. There are a couple of ways to make this fabric wearable during the day, though. If you’re a big fan of leather and are constantly looking for ways to be able to comfortably wear it every time, check out these tips on how to make leather work for daytime looks.

  • Lighten up and live with color – one of the things that make leather not so appropriate for daytime is its super heavy and harsh look which comes from the edgy color that leather usually comes in that is black. If you’re wearing leather with your daytime look, choose a piece that comes in a lighter color like white or brown. If you can, find leather pieces that come in fun and bright colors. This will help give leather a cheery look that’s more befitting for daytime.

yellow leather jacket cropped brown leather jacket

  • Sport leather shorts – shorts have always been a daytime outfit essential so if you’re looking for a way to wear leather during the day, why not try sporting a pair of sexy leather shorts? They’re much more comfortable compared to leather pants and they’re perfect if you’re going for a casual look with an edgy street style vibe.

leather shorts and lace top

chic black leather shorts and gold accents

  • Leather and denim combo – we all know that denim is the ultimate daytime casual fabric so what better way to make leather more daytime friendly than to wear it with denim. The combination of leather and denim has been really popular recently and it’s a beautiful way to achieve a perfectly balanced outfit that’s cool yet casual and sleek yet relaxed.

cool leather and denim outfit leather skirt with zipper detail

  • Wear leather accessories – if you’re not sure about whether or not you can pull off a daytime outfit with leather in it or if you just know that you can’t handle wearing leather during the day, don’t fret. There’s still a way for you to make leather work for your daytime look and that is to wear leather accessories instead. It’s super simple and anyone can pull it off plus you wouldn’t have to wear a full leather piece like a leather jacket or leather shorts.

tan leather accessories leather bracelet wrao

  • Lightweight leather items – as mentioned earlier, another reason why leather isn’t worn much during the day is because it’s heavy and you wouldn’t want to sweat your way through the day just to pull it off. However, there are lots of lightweight leather items that you can if you’re really serious about making leather work for daytime. Leather tank tops, leather camis, and leather tees are just some examples of the everyday daytime items you wear that comes in leather. They’re not as heavy as jackets or coats or pants so you shouldn’t have a problem with being too hot and uncomfortable in them.

hot pink skirt and black leather top black leather tank top