How to Make Plaids Spring-friendly

Plaids are not exactly the print / pattern design that’s very popular during spring as it’s more of a fall and winter kind of pattern but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it for this season anymore, right? After all, it seems like fashion today is all about making seasonal trends work all year round. What’s great about plaid is that it’s not very hard to work with. It goes great with so many other things and it comes in so many different color combinations which makes making it spring-friendly a little easier. Here are some tips on how to make plaids more spring-friendly.

  • Choose plaids in bright colors – spring is all about wearing bright, fun, vibrant and vivid colors and if you’re looking for a way to make plaids more springtime appropriate, why not look for a piece to wear that comes in fun, bright colors? There are always at least two colors present in plaid patterns so try to choose one that has really cute and soft colors in it. Pastel plaids would be perfect, too, as pastel is one of the hottest trends for spring this year though any bright color will do.

cool color combo pink and blue plaid top

  • Skip the layers – plaid makes such a great layering piece for fall and winter because the color and details in this pattern makes the whole outfit look more exciting. For spring, though, forget about using plaid as a layering piece and wear it on its own instead! It’s a pretty enough print pattern that’s sure to liven up any spring outfit. If you must use it as a layering piece, make sure to wear it with something light like as an outerwear on top of a tank top paired with shorts.

jeans and plaid top

white shirt and plaid skirt

  • Wear it with bright colors – if you can’t get your hands on bright plaid patterns, you can always use your fall/winter-y plaid pieces that have darker colors and wear it with bright colors instead. Adding a bright and vibrant pop of color to your outfit with plaid will make it look more spring friendly.

dark plaid and bright colors Cute plaid shirt and pink skirt

  • Get your spring staples in plaid – a really fun and easy way to make plaid look and feel more spring friendly is, of course, to wear your staple spring pieces in plaid! Think about what you would usually wear for spring – a pair of cute shorts, a sundress, a tank top or a crop top or just about anything you would usually find in your spring wardrobe – and try to get your hands on one that’s printed in plaid. It’s a great way to introduce the print pattern to your spring wardrobe without it looking like you’re trying too hard.

red plaid shorts plaid spring dress

  • Mix and match with spring prints – lastly, if you’re someone who likes being adventurous with your outfits, try mixing and matching plaid with spring prints. Floral is a staple print design in spring wardrobes so try your hand at mixing the two. Other print designs to match plaid with for spring are chevron and polka dots.

floral and plaid combo polka dots and plaid outfit