3 Basic Steps on How to Make Rings

There are lots of different kinds of rings that you’ll see a lot of people wearing today. From the classy and elegant gold and silver rings down to the colorful and fancy plastic rings, it’s no surprise that this little piece of accessory is a favorite for a lot of ladies.

Unless, of course, you are a jeweler and has all of the equipments and resources needed to make rings from scratch, there’s no way you could do so. The good news, however, is that you can make your own rings with the supplies you can easily find from your local jewelry supplies store and a couple of items that you perhaps already have.

Wh0 wouldn’t love rings like these?

fancy cute  rings

1) Some of the things you will need to make your own rings are ring bases (if you’re planning to give some away, it’ best to stick to adjustable rings bases to skip issues with finger sizing), hot glue, decorating items like beads, faux gems, polymer clay pieces, etc., and some sand paper.

2) To start, simply take a ring base and decide which decorating item or embellishment you would want to go on that ring. Some pretty cool items to use are painted and decorated bottle caps. You can also use a vintage button or any other cute button you have at home. If your buttons have shanks, you can always remove those with shank removers or just a pair of pliers.

3) The next step that you are going to do after deciding on the design of the ring is to take the embellishment of your choice and glue it on to the flat surface of the blank ring base. if you’re using an embellishment with a flat and smooth back, you can rub it on sandpaper first to give it a little bit of texture before gluing it on the ring base. This will help your embellishment stick on better to the blank ring base.

Lastly, when you have secured the embellishment on the blank ring base, give the whole ring a coat of clear nail polish. Aside from protecting the ring from scratches and possible stains and giving your ring extra shine, it will also make the embellishment and the base stick together.

how to make a ring

Go crazy with these fun and funky fashion rings

gemstone rings

Beautiful turquoise ring

flower and gemstone rings

 A rosette ring made from felt paper

DIY flower ring

Vintage rings

vintage cocktail rings

Big and blue cocktail ring

big flower ring

                                                                                                                                                Another creative tutorial on how to make a ring !

Diy ring

These hands look adorable with all the rings on them

cocktail rings

Polymer rosette ring

cute peach rose ring

It’s very easy to make your own rings so don’t fuss when you don’t see a ring that you like when you go out shopping because you can always make your rings yourself.

A big turquoise fashion ring to match those yellow nails

big statement ring