How to Make Your Cute Handbags Last Longer

If you’ve ever stored your favorite handbag only to find out later that it’s all ruined, you know the feeling of being so utterly devastated and frustrated. It may seem like an exaggeration to other people but we understand. We understand how sad it is to lose a bag that you’ve loved for so long, especially if it took you quite some time to find it.

But why would you settle for a handbag you would consider ‘second best’ when you can make your favorite special handbag last a whole lot longer? All you really have to do is give your bag some special care and attention. Cleaning it is not good enough. You may not know it but  there may be some things that you’re doing that can cause damage to you cute handbags. Here are some tips on how you can make your cute handbags last longer.

  • Never put them down on the floor – sometimes, when you’re too engaged in a conversation before you even reach the table, you tend to just put your bag down on the floor. However, there’s a truckload of germs on their so avoid doing that. Instead, put it on your lap, the seat next to you or at the back of your chair.

red leathertaupe handbag

  • Handle with clean hands – the fastest and most common way your handbag could accumulate dirt is if you touched it with dirty hands so make sure they’re clean before you handle your bag, especially if it comes in a light color.

tan bag

red handbag

  • Do not overclean – cleaning your bag may be the most sensible thing to do to keep in good condition but overdoing it may just cause you more harm than good as the chemical build up from overcleaning can ruin your bag faster.

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  • Do not use plastic to store your bag – bags often come in dust bags for a reason and that is so you don’t have to use plastic to store them. Using plastic will restrain your bag from ‘breathing’ so moisture builds up inside and gets trapped leading to an accumulation of molds. If your handbag didn’t come with a dust bag, you can always use an old pillow case to store them in.

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  • Use bag liners – if you often carry liquid in your bag like perfume, foundation or maybe even a water bottle, make sure to use bag liners that will keep them safe from any accidental spillage.

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  • Use separate pouches for items of the same kind – this will not only keep you organized, it also saves the lining of your bag from being soiled. Keep all cosmetics in one pouch, all pens in another then all other miscellaneous in another pouch.

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