How to Mix Prints Like a Pro

The print on print trend has been around for quite a while and a lot of fab fashionistas are still going gaga over mixing and matching completely different prints and patterns to achieve a stylish, fashion forward look. Combining one print with another and making it work can be tricky, though. You have to know which prints and patterns go together and how to wear them so your outfit comes out tasteful instead of tacky. If you haven’t already and you want to try out this trend or if you simply want to master the art of it, check out these tips on how to mix prints like a pro and keep them in mind the next time you decide to get playful with your outfit.

  • Try to choose prints in the same color palette – when choosing which prints to wear together try to keep your choices in the same color palette. If you’re wearing white and navy polka dots on your top, choose something with the same colors for your bottom like white and navy stripes. The colors don’t always have to match exactly but try to keep them in the same family to make the look cohesive.

posh printed outfit black and white

  • Do some color contrasting – if you must wear several different colors in one outfit that also features the print on print trend, at least try to get prints in colors that create beautiful contrast. This way, your outfit looks well put together and not just something hastily mixed and matched.

color contrasting prints

awesome color contrast

  • Mix small and big prints – to make sure you create a beautifully balanced outfit, mix prints of varying sizes. If you’re wearing big prints on top, go for smaller prints on your bottoms and if you’re wearing small prints on top, wear bigger prints on the bottom. Whether to wear big prints or small prints in one area depends on your body type but a good ruler to follow in general is to wear small prints on areas that need volume and big prints on areas that need to be toned down volume-wise.

print size guide big and small prints

  • Keep accessories simple – since doing two prints in one look is already a bold look that can be considered a statement in and of its own, keep your accessories too simple. Skip that chunky statement necklace and go for something daintier instead. Pick stud earrings over chandelier style ones and reserve your arm party combo for simpler outfits instead. Going easy on your accessories will ensure you that you won’t end up looking over the top with your bold outfit.

simple accessories and outfit minimal accessories with prints

  • Try matching prints – matching separates are one thing but to wear matching prints from top to bottom is definitely not something for the faint of heart. Imagine wearing polka dots from head to toe. Wouldn’t that be a little much? Well, maybe for those who like to play it safe, it may seem so but for those who like a fashion adventure, it’s something totally worth a try. Just remember to keep everything in proportion when doing this so you end up with a gorgeous outfit and a great overall look.

matching prints head to toe print