How to Pack Light and Still be Styling on Vacay

Summer is almost here and I’m pretty sure a lot of you are already excited about going on your long-awaited summer vacation. As a fashionista, the struggle between packing the bare minimum and looking fab throughout the whole vacation period is one that you have to deal with every year and with every chance you get to go on vacation. So traveling light and looking fab doesn’t come easy, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice one over the other, right? Check out these tips on how to pack light and still be styling on vacay to see how you can travel with ease and look great while at it.

  • Visualize and make a list – unless you’re going on a surprise vacation and your flight is 4 hours from now (in which case you should just throw what you can in your suitcase and go!), I’m sure you have at least an idea of where you’re going and what your vacation is going to be like. Visualize an outfit for each day and for the activities you have planned and make a list of what you’ll want and need for those. This will serve as a reminder of what your priorities should be as far as picking out which pieces to bring.

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  • Be reasonable, off set and compromise – if you know you’ll be needing lots of formal dresses (like when you’re going to a wedding event or corporate / business meetings) then go ahead and pack all that you need. You wouldn’t want to be seen in the same dress for two consecutive dinners, now, would you? To offset the bulk created by the number of dresses you’re wearing, pack one pair of shoes that will go with each and every dress.

crochet summer maxi

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  • Don’t forget accessories – never forget to pack accessories when going on vacay, at least not when you want to look fab and fashionable throughout the trip. Accessories are a great way to spruce up a basic outfit when you have neutrals and the bare minimum. They keep your outfits from looking bland and boring. Accessories don’t take up a lot of space, too, so don’t worry about packing too much. It’s one of the things you don’t have to worry about having too much of when going on vacay.

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  • Recycle outfits – unless you’re going on an action-packed trip that requires you to hike up mountains and roll in the mud every single day, chances are that there are going to be items in your suit case that you’ll be able to use more than once. Change up the look of one item by wearing it with a different belt, shoes or accessories / jewelry the next time. It would also help if you would wear a different makeup look and hairstyle when recycling outfits, too.

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  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them – really can’t live without having to pack half of your closet? If you feel that you must bring so much clothes and accessories along with you, roll your clothes instead of folding them so you can double or even triple the space in your suit case. This is ideal, too, if you’re going to be away for a long time.

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