How to Put Together 3 Sophisticated Military Style Outfits

Think back and rewind to 10 years ago, would you have ever thought that a military style outfit would ever look so chic and sophisticated? Probably not but it sure does today. Lots of fashion designers have come up with various collections with military style outfits that look edgy but still chic. To get the look of different military inspired outfits, we’ve put together some suggestions that you can take with you next time you go shopping.

military style women

  • Classic Military – the classic military style outfits will revolve on the basics and the must haves. These are the military jacket, skinny jeans, leather belts and boots. The main objective when trying to sport the classic military style outfits is to look sharp, edgy and tough. This is achieved through the sharp tailoring and masculine lines from the basic pieces. Camouflage pieces are more than welcome to join the mix to add a bit more of authenticity to your outfit. Of course, the classic military style outfit does not limit the pieces to the basics. To add a bit of womanly sophistication, little details such as oversized and ornate buttons on jackets and high heeled boots are ideal.

classic military style

sexy classic military style


  • Feminine military – if the classic military is too rough for your dainty feminine style, you’re always free to mix it up a little to suit your taste. You can choose to either just throw in little girly and frilly pieces to the whole ensemble or do it the other way around by starting off with building your usual feminine outfit and throwing in one or two military style pieces to add edge. For example, you can start building classic military then replace the skinny jeans with shorts or wear a dress and add a military jacket over it. The right mix, in the end, is totally up to you.

military style jacket

chic military style

chic military style

  • Heavy Duty Military – this is perhaps the toughest amongst all military style looks you can create. This may not be easy for everyone to pull off but for those who can, this style is a perfect mix of tough and sexy, like a hot vixen with a masculine vibe. As if the classic military is not masculine enough, this style calls for leather, studs and even combat boots.

hard core military style

heavy  duty military style

Needless to say, although military style outfits are very manly, your creative and fashionable womanly side will always make a way to turn it into something fab and fierce.

camouflage jacket military style

Military style waistcoatmilitary style waistcoat