How to Revamp Your Wardrobe While On A Budget

“I have nothing to wear.” This is one of the most famous lines that we girls are known for. Whether you literally have nothing (clean) to wear, nothing to put together that would look right for the occasion or nothing new to sashay in, this is one dilemma that no good trip to the mall can’t solve. That is unless you are on a tight budget and can’t really go to the mall to buy new clothes. If you have this problem, check out our tips on how to revamp your wardrobe while on a budget. All you really need is creativity and a little bit of tweaking here and there and you’re on your way to a new stylish wardrobe that you can use to create fabulous looks!

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  • Bust out the pieces you have sitting in the closet – if you love shopping, chances are that you have your fair share of clothes sitting idly in storage boxes or in your closet that you’ve put away to give way to newer pieces you’ve just recently bought. If you’re trying to create a fresh new look, why not bust out a few of those pieces and re-use them? Chances are that most of these pieces are still in style.

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  • Keep the pieces you don’t wear anymore – and because you’re going to be taking out a few pieces from the storage bins, you will have to put some back, too, so that your closet doesn’t get too cluttered and confusing. Go through your clothes quickly and see which pieces are not being used and keep those for the mean time. Don’t throw them away if they’re still in good condition. You might need them for a certain look one day.

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  • Spend on the essentials – if you can afford a quick trip to the shops and have the budget to but a few things, spend your money on the essentials that you don’t already have or don’t have enough of instead of spending it on an expensive trendy item. These essentials include a good pair of jeans, a little black dress, a white shirt, tank tops and a pair of shoes that would go well with anything. Essential pieces are very versatile and they can easily be paired with old items that you have in your closet for a fresh new look.

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  • Mix and match – so you’ve always worn that shirt with a specific set of accessories, creating a signature look. Would it hurt if you mixed and matched it with another set? Definitely not. If anything, it would only give your old outfit a new and a more exciting twist. Don’t stop experimenting with mixing and matching your old and new pieces. It’s one of the best ways to create new looks without buying new clothes.

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  • Do swaps with friends – if you and your friends share the same size and taste in clothing, why not do swaps? It’s another great way to acquire new clothes without spending a lot. You can even host a swapping party where your friends would bring over clothes that they’d like to trade with you or your other friends’ selections.

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