How to Rock a Pair of Boyfriend Jeans

Jeans are a closet staple we all have and they’re the ultimate thing to wear if you’re looking for something that offers both comfort and style. There are lots of jean styles to choose from and the array of choices just seems to keep growing with every season that comes. Today, we’re going to be focusing on a jean style that has a very rough and rugged look to it: the boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are one of the menswear inspired pieces that you can rock for a casual or street style look. if you have a pair and you aren’t sure how you can style them, check out these cool and chic tips on how to rock a pair of boyfriend jeans.

  • Rolled up cuffs – boyfriend jeans that feature rolled up cuffs just scream street style chic. This is perfect if you want to achieve that ‘I don’t care’ aura. It’s also slightly tomboyish so you can build the whole outfit around that. If you want to go all out on the tomboy vibe, just wear other menswear inspired pieces with boyfriend jeans that have rolled up cuffs. If you want to “girl it up” more, you can add softer, neater and more feminine pieces that are also more polished.

rolled up cuffs cute and comfy jeans

  • With sneakers – for a pairing that’s sure to give you the ultimate comfort, you can wear your boyfriend jeans with sneakers. This look isn’t exactly vey girly (though you can always throw in girly pieces to the mix) but it’s still super stylish and it makes a great off duty look. Take the laidback and relaxed route and pair your boyfriend jeans with something simple and easy like Keds or Converse or, if you want, you can wear your boyfriend jeans with cool, eye catching statement sneakers for a bolder and more fun look.

crop top and jeans

colorful sneakers and bf jeans

  • Ripped and distressed – most boyfriend jeans come ripped and distressed but, contrary to popular belief, they don’t always have to be. If you’re going for a rough and rugged street style look, though, donning ripped and distressed boyfriend jeans is definitely the way to go. When wearing ripped and distressed boyfriend jeans, make sure to keep everything else neat and polished so you don’t end up looking like a homeless person.

distressed bf jeans ripped and distressed jeans

  • With heels and a blazer – one of my favorite ways to wear boyfriend jeans is with a nice blazer and a sexy pair of heels. Wearing these with boyfriend jeans just makes the latter look so much more polished and sleek. It’s a great outfit idea for dress down days at the workplace or for when you just want to rock an outfit that’s posh with a cool and edgy vibe.

red heels and blazer posh and polished

  • Baggy – baggy boyfriend jeans can look sloppy if you don’t know what to wear with them but when paired with all the right pieces, it can be a really cool pair to wear for both comfort and style. To successfully pull off baggy boyfriend jeans, make sure the rest of the things you wear balances out the baggy silhouette. You don’t necessarily have to always wear something skin tight or fitted with it but make sure it’s not as baggy as your pants as it can overwhelm your figure.

baggy bf jeans


loose jeans and striped shirts