How to Rock Studded Heels

Question: Can I wear studded heels to any event?

Quick answer: Yes.

But of course, the devil is in the details. Studded heels (as well as studded flats and studded boots are all the rage right now, and you can definitely have fun incorporating them into a formal look.

hot studded heels

In general, larger studs are less “dressy” than smaller studs. Pointy refined studs are fancier than round studs, or flat square studs. The subtle platform and stiletto heel are elegant and not over the top, the studs simply play the role of interesting detail. Perfect for a formal event.

black heels with studs

For formal occasions, the studded heels should not take over the room, or your entire outfit (for casual dress, we say go for it and you can never have too many studs). Studded heels are not to be worn with a studded purse, or a studded clutch, or a studded dress… you get the picture. Be wary of overkill.

studded heels

It is possible to ruin an entire outfit by incorporating too many trends. Studs are not subtle, so pair them with classics for maximum impact. Studs are not just for the bikers anymore. Studs have been creeping up on us in the shoe category, but in 2012 they can be spotted everywhere.

how to wear studded heels

How you can justify buying them: Everyone needs a little edge. And if you are reading this and thinking that you don’t need a little edge… That probably means that you definitely need a little edge. Sometimes you have a conservative outfit, or an outfit assembled from basics, that needs a little punch. This does the trick.

what to wear with studded heels

What’s good: Studded heels and flats can be surprisingly versatile. They can be used to dress up a plain outfit, or add an element of fun to a dressier outfit. And studs don’t clash with anything.

blue heels with studs

What’s bad: Studded shoes may not be fashionable forever. Really cheap studded shoes look cheap, so select carefully.

stiletto heels with studs

Styling Tips: Studded shoes are easy to wear, and the shoe type is more relevant with regards to how to style them than the studs are. Wear them with anything that you would wear the same heels or flats if they were stud-free.


Don’t overdo it. Studded shoes should not be worn with studded bags or studded jackets. You do not want to look as though the stud trend attacked you.

black wedges with studs

Studs always look right at home with jeans, but don’t be afraid to try them out with skirts and dresses.

sexy pumps with studs