How to Rock the Normcore Trend: Fashion’s Newest ‘Anti-trend’ Trend

Fashion is a fickle industry where trends come and go but it sure is fun to try and keep up with these trends, especially when you know how to nail them to a T. Sometimes, something intriguing and surprising comes along and this year, it’s fashion’s newest and biggest buzzword: normcore. So, what is normcore? Simply put, normcore is fashion’s newest anti-trend trend. Sound ironic? That’s because it really is. With normcore, you forget about fashion and just go with what’s comfortable. It’s a style that’s easy, laidback and low-key with a bit of athleticism and masculinity incorporated in it. if you’re curious and want to know more, read on below and see our tips on how to rock the normcore trend: fashion’s newest anti-trend trend.

  • Keep it low-key – one of the most important things to remember about rocking the normcore trend is to keep it low-key. Forget about what’s hot for the season and don’t even bother worrying about who the piece is by. Instead, just stick with whatever you can find in your closet and sport them with confidence. Nothing fancy, complicated, bright, expensive or trendy – just the simple, non-exclusive things that you would least expect from a fashionista. The normcore trend is the perfect excuse to put those unlabelled pieces to use!

long gray cardigan coat neutral color palette

  • Stick to neutrals – another thing to do if you want to get in on the normcore trend is to stick with neutral colors so that’s means staying confined to a very limited color palette. If you’re someone who’s used to doing lots of bright and vibrant colors with your outfit, you may find this a bit challenging but don’t be overwhelmed! It’s actually quite easy. In fact, I find it easier to put together items when working with limited choices. Neutrals usually go great with one another but if you’re unsure, you can always go for a monochromatic look.

dirt white turtleneck

casual fall normcore outfit

  • Learn to love the basics – if you’re someone who sticks with the basics like t-shirts and jeans all the time, you may not know it but you may already be rocking the normcore trend. Some of the pieces that you can rock to follow the normcore trend are tracksuit pants, tees, jeans, crocs, baseball caps, sweatshirts, white socks, flannel tops, turtlenecks and Birkenstocks. In short, anything that’s basic, simple and unadorned.

classic normcore looks simple normcore style

  • Old school isn’t necessarily normcore – now, you may start thinking that normcore is all about sporting an outdated look but that’s not really the point of the trend. Doing normcore does not necessarily mean going old school. Wearing those trousers you’ve had since the 90s doesn’t always count. Knowing and remembering that normcore isn’t always necessarily old school will keep you from crossing the line between normcore and outdated.

chunky red sweater normcore layering style

  • Accessorizing isn’t a crime – just because the normcore trend is anti-trend doesn’t mean you don’t get to accessorize. When accessorizing a normcore outfit, steer clear of diamonds and fancy jewelry and just stick to what you actually really need while trying to still keep your hands off the designer labeled pieces.

chic normcore look no brands and labels