How to Rock the Rocker Chick Look

We all have our own personal preference and style when it comes to fashion but trying out a new look every now and then doesn’t really hurt. In fact, it can be really fun to explore other looks and styles and see what you can take away from each to incorporate to your own. One of the styles that I don’t see a lot of women do is the rocker chick look. It’s rather boyish than feminine and it has a really edgy vibe to it, too. If you’re not familiar with this look and you’re searching for new styles to explore, take a look at these tips on how to rock the rocker chick look and start putting your own twist to it!

  • Wear skinny jeans with combat boots – combat boots are the perfect addition to any outfit that needs that kickass edge. Wear it with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and you’re more than halfway through with your rocker chick look. With this combo, all you’ll need is a cool graphic shirt to complete your look. If you want to go all out on this look, you can switch up your plain and regular denims with ripped and distressed ones to really get that ‘tough girl’ vibe going. This is one of the easiest ways to get the rocker chick look.

rocker chick look dark colors tall combat boots

  • Sport skull prints – if you’re a girly girl, I’m pretty sure most of the printed / patterned pieces in your closet feature florals, stripes, polka dots and other girly designs but if you want to give your look a makeover and lend it a cool rocker chick vibe, ditch the girly prints and try sporting some skull prints and patterns instead.

skull print sweater

black skull tank top

  • Try tights underneath denim shorts – this look is actually a nice cross between the punk rock and rocker chick looks but I personally think it leans more towards the latter. This is a great outfit combo idea if you don’t want to expose your legs too much or if you need extra warmth for your legs for colder days (or nights).

cute rocker chick shorts and tights

  • Be bold in black – if you’re planning on doing the rocker chick look, one really easy way to get the look is to just don black pieces on and mix it up with a few different metal accents and accessories. Silver and black is usually the combo of choice by women who love to wear the rocker chick look but you can try doing gold, too, for a more polished and sophisticated take on this style. Don’t even worry about mixing colors because with the rocker chick look, the more black pieces you wear the better your look is going to turn out so feel free to go monochromatic.

sexy rocker chick look girly rocker chick

  • Leather and studs – of course, when we talk about the rocker chick look, leather items are a must. Wear anything leather to add more of that rocker chick vibe into your look, whether it be a leather jacket, a pair of leather boots, leather wrist wraps, a leather vest or any other leather item that you can squeeze in there. Go hardcore with studs if you like but you can skip this option if you want to keep it simple.

leather jacket and boots cute rocker chick