How to Rock the Studded Fashion Trend

If there’s one trend that a lot of us have seen not only on the local runways but all around the globe, it would be studded fashion.  Studs, along with spikes, used to be seen so rarely on the runways unless the show has a rock and roll or gothic kind of theme. You would almost never see them in what we call ‘haute couture’. Today, though, studs are everywhere! You’ll see them on models walking down the runway, on celebrities on camera and on everyday ordinary fashionistas you get to bump in to on the streets. You’ll see them on clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry and other accessories. You’ll see them from up and coming designers to the big names like Givenchy and Versace. In this blog, you’ll see how you can rock the studded fashion trend and how you can incorporate it to your style.

  • Stud your collar – a plain button down may be a basic classic but there are so many things you can do to make it more exciting. One thing is to add studs to it. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be wearing a shirt that’s fully studded so you have to choose an area to stud. The collar is one of the most popular areas for studding. Adding studs to the collar of a button down shirt gives it a nice twist while still keeping it classic. You don’t have to do the full collar, too, if you find that too edgy. You can just stud the tips of it to give it a little pop.

studded collar outfit studded collar

  • Wear studded shoes – shoes are always a great way to make an ordinary outfit more interesting. One way to add an element of fun to a plain outfit is to wear bright colored shoes. However, if you want to add a more edgy feel to your outfit, you can wear studded shoes instead. It’s an easy way to make your whole outfit look more chic and cool. Studded stilettos are great if you want a sexy edgy look while studded boots are the perfect choice if you’re going for a tough chick vibe.

studded shoes outfit

studded shoes

  • Create your DIY studded shorts – studded shorts were so hot for summer and spring that somehow, they have made their way into our fall and winter closets. If you weren’t able to catch up on studded fashion the past seasons, now is your chance to do so. Go on a DIY project to make your own studded shorts. it’s very easy and is way cheaper than buying one that’s already made plus you get  to customize the design to your liking. Make your studded shorts wearable during the colder seasons by wearing tights or leggings underneath.

studded shorts outfit studded shorts winter studded shorts

  • Carry a studded purse – another great way to spice up plain and ordinary outfit is to carry a purse that creates a statement and a studded purse would be one good example of that. One good thing about carrying a studded purse instead of wearing a studded piece of clothing item is that while it makes a bold fashion statement, it can also be a more subtle way to introduce studs to your wardrobe.

purse studs purse studded purse