How to Sport the Minimalist Trend

If you’re tired of having to create an outfit with a multitude of layers and details all the time just to achieve that chic and stylish look you’re going after, I think you’ll really find the minimalist trend refreshing. It’s a great trend to follow if you’re someone who loves clean, simple and straightforward outfits and looks. One other thing that I’m pretty sure you’ll love about the minimalist trend is that because it’s so simple, it’s sure to never go out of style. Check out these tips on how to sport the minimalist trend to see how you can look fashionable without having to don on tons of clothes and accessories.


  • Keep it simple – the key to successfully pulling off the minimalist trend is to keep it simple. Choose pieces that have a clean silhouette and try to avoid clothes or accessories that are too complex, detailed and / or frilly. The general rule to keep in mind when trying to pull off the minimalist trend is that less is more and that going over the top with your clothes and accessories is a definite no-no. Keeping it simple is the easiest yet most effective way to successfully capture the essence of the minimalist trend.

monochromatic minimalist boardwalk minimalist style

  • Stick to neutral colors – the color palette for following the minimalist trend can be quite limited as you’ll want to stick to the neutrals when pulling off this look. However, the limited color palette makes it a whole lot easier to put outfits together because neutral colors always go great with other neutral colors. If you’re pressed for time, you can simply throw on a monochromatic neutral outfit for an instant chic and elegant look.

preppy layered outfit

simple and chic outfit

  • If you must add color, limit it to one piece – if you’re the type who can’t live without color, don’t go thinking that the minimalist trend isn’t for you. If you must wear color with your minimalist outfit, limit it to one piece. A bright accessory, a pair of vibrant pumps, a colorful statement jewelry piece or a nice tote in a stunning color is a great way to add a bit of color to your minimalistic neutral palette.

pop of color classy minimalist look

  • Go easy on the layers – while layering is a welcome technique for the minimalist trend, try to, as much as you can, keep the layers to a minimum. Choose to wear pieces that will keep you looking stylish and feeling comfy at the same time. A tank top paired with a blazer, for example, is enough to give you a posh look and keep you a bit warm when the temp starts to drop. Avoid adding pieces that will complicate and bulk up your outfit’s simple silhouette.

no fuss minimalist chic minimalist

  • Create structure – just because you’re going with the minimalist trend doesn’t mean it always has to be t-shirt and jeans for you. You can still wear trendy pieces but try to stick to those with clean, tailored and structured lines to create a simple, straightforward yet interesting silhouette. Boxy pieces, for example, are great for adding shape and structure to your look.

minimalist trend look neutral street style chic