How to Stack and Wear Arm Party Bracelets

Arm party is all the rage today. Every single time you visit a social networking site, there’s a good chance that one of the people you have on there have posted their own version of an arm party. But for those of you who don’t know, what exactly is an arm party?

short arm party

beads and bling

It’s fairly simple, really. An arm party is just a term used for the latest trend today which is stacking and piling up a bunch of different arm pieces like watches and bangles and bracelets. Though you can just literally go ahead and stack bracelets up your arm, there are actually some tips and tricks on how to wear arm party bracelets and make them look like one whole masterpiece. Here are a few to get you started on your own arm party:

  • Have a little bit of everything – a cute and fabulous arm party relies on what you put together. Having a little bit of everything, metals, color beads, bling, threads and strings and even your own personal favorite piece that represents you. Combining all these elements together will give you just the right kind of feel for your arm party

fun arm party bracelets

colorful arm part bracelets

  • Consider having a ‘theme’ for your arm party. You can have your arm party themed depending on your clothes or the look you are going for on a particular day. If you want to wear arm party bracelets for with a classy, feminine outfit then try matching dainty bracelets if the same metal (gold or silver) with those that have sparkly stones on them. Neon arm party bracelets would go very well with a plain casual  and neutral outfit and would give you a good pop of color.

beon arm party bracelets

cute arm party bracelets

  • Throw in a watch. Make your arm party bracelets revolve around your watch. If you have a gold watch, make sure all the other bracelets that have metal are of gold. So is the case if you choose to wear a silver watch for your arm party.

classy arm part bracelet

silver chains arm party bracelet

  •  Customize and personalize. You can have your arm party bracelets stacked up as high or low as you want.  Make your arm party more unique and wear a few couple of bracelets that represent you like a bracelet with your name on it or a diamond studded one if you are more of a glam girl and even ones with studs if you’re more of a punk rock chick.

gold arm party bracelets

metal and leather arm party

Have fun stacking up on your arm party bracelets!