How to Still Look Chic While Wearing Dr. Martens Boots

For those of you who don’t know yet, Dr. Martens,  or as others call it ‘Doc Martens’, are a brand for shoes (especially boots) that look grungy, industrial, and masculine which are far from the girly, pointy, high heeled boots most women go for if they wanted to look chic. They’ve been around for quite a while but these boots in this particular brand are, just now, making such a crazy fun trend that it’s become almost a staple in closets and shoe racks for both men and women.

doc martens

Although the Dr. Martens brand originally started making boots for policemen, postmen and soldiers back in the 60s, what made them such a huge hit with fashionistas today is that they’ve come up with colors, styles and designs that can be worn with everyday clothes. For those who want to try out Doc Martens boots, here are a few suggestions on what you can wear with them without putting being chic aside.

  • Miniskirts – you wouldn’t believe it but it’s made the news on the internet and on social media sites; an old lady who keeps stylish by wearing miniskirts and Dr. Martens boots. She’s now being nicknamed the ‘World’s Most Stylish Grandmother’ and if she can rock the look, what’s your excuse?

mini dr martensdress dm mini

  • Dresses – you wear boots with your dresses, why not try wearing them with Dr. Martens? They may look more macho than your regular boots so you might want to add some accessories to balance the look. this is of course unless you’ve got your hands on the Dr. Martens boots with floral designs or girly colors. If that’s the case, then you’re all set for looking chic and fab.

dm dresspink dm adn dress

  • A band t-shirt and distressed shorts – who says being chic is all about dresses and skirts and lace and ruffles? Show off your rocker chick side by pairing your Dr. Martens boots with a band t-shirt and some sexy distressed shorts. Of course, if you  don’t have a band t-shirt, you can always go for regular shirts.

dm and distressedrnr dm

  • A denim jacket – go however girly you want with your regular outfit and throw on a denim jacket on top then wear your Dr. Martens boots and you’ve just created the most chic outfit of the season. It may not be too feminine or frilly or anything like that but as long as you know how to rock it, you’re good.

dm and denimsdm and denim  jacket