How to Still Wear Cute Casual Dresses During Fall

Summer and spring are over. That means it’s goodbye to the hot weather and super light clothes. But does that mean saying goodbye to being able to wear cute casual dresses too? Well, not necessarily. You don’t have to put all of your spring / summer dresses away this fall. If you’re the type who likes to wear dresses a lot, chances are that you might have some from the past season that you can still wear this fall with the help of some accessories and other clothing items.

Whether you’re cleaning up your summer / spring closet and getting it ready for fall or you’re planning a shopping trip for some new fall outfits, be sure to read this first. We will show you some styling tips that will let you wear cute casual dresses in fall so read on.

  • Layers, layers, and more layers – if you’ve got a favorite dress that you loved wearing so much over the last season and you’re not ready to part ways with it yet this fall, layering is the key to being able to still wear that dress. Adding layers to your outfit keeps you warm and cozy, it also adds more dimension to the outfit as a whole.

layered dress outfitcute layered dress

  • Throw on a cute outerwear – a simple but gorgeous coat, jacket, blazer or vest could be the only thing you need to let you wear a dress that is not warm enough for fall. Choose an outerwear that will either create an awesome contrast with your dress or something that blends well with it if you want a cohesive look. This is also good for when you want to  dress up your casual outfit a little bit.

casual striped dress and jacket

dress and blazercasual dress and blazer

  • Get a long sleeved maxi dress – over the past seasons you may have discovered how flattering maxi dresses are for you and now that it’s fall you’re worried that you’ll have to find another style of dress that will look as good. Well, worry no more. Maxi dresses also come with full long sleeves so they’re perfect for fall.

colorful maxiwhite maxi

  • Try sweater dresses – if you’re not sure what to get for fall, try on a few couple of sweater dresses and I’m sure you’ll immediately fall in love with these. Sweater dresses are often made of thick fabric like wool to keep you warm as these are specially made to be worn during fall and winter. Knit sweater dresses are also very pretty and casual. If you want something that says casual all over, try buying oversize sweater dresses about 3 to 4 sizes bigger.

baggy sweater dresssweater dressslouch sweater dress