How to Style a Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress is a wardrobe staple that all women should have. It has to be classy and elegant yet versatile and easy enough to wear and become a quick go-to outfit for days or for events that catch you off guard with not much time to prepare and put together another outfit. Some women put off buying a little black dress because they think the LBD can only be used for dressy events and occasions but that’s certainly just a big misconception about the darling piece. You can wear your Little Black Dress anytime, any day. You just have to wear it with the right pieces to make it appropriate for whatever time and place. Here are some of our tips on how to style a little black dress. Read on and see how you can turn it into something you can turn to for a posh outfit anytime.

  • All black – if you want to keep it minimalistic and classy, you can wear your little black dress with black accessories and accents for a classic, elegant all black look. This style is perfect if you’re wearing your little black dress to a more formal event / party that calls for a formal dress code. It’s also ideal if the style of your little black dress falls on the fancier side.

all black lbd and accessories

black on black lbd outfit

  • With red accents – for a look that’s sure to make you feel and look sexy, try wearing your little black dress with red accents and accessories. Red and black is known to be one of the best color combinations you can use to create a fierce and sexy look that’s tasteful rather than trashy. A pair of red high heeled shoes along with a pretty red clutch is basically all you need to get your sexy look on but adding a few more red accessories to the mix surely won’t do harm. Oh, and, don’t forget to rock a red lip, too!

black and red vintage glam

glam black and red combo

  • Black and White – want to look sleek and posh in your little black dress? How about a black and white color combination? Black and white is classy, elegant and very fashion forward. It’s the kind of look you’ll want to go for if you want to look sharp and polished. It’s simple and minimalistic which also makes the look very sophisticated yet easy to pull off. You can also do this look a la Audrey Hepburn – little black dress, black heels, maybe a pair of black gloves, white pearls and some fancy diamonds and crystals for accessories. Talk about chic!

LBD with white shirt underneath LBD and white pearls

  • With gold accessories – a little black dress with gold accessories is such a classic and timeless outfit combination. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a way to style your LBD with simplicity and elegance. It’s very easy to pull off and it’s one of the  quickest fool-proof ways to style your LBD, too.

elegant black and gold lbd lbd with gold accents

  • Dressed down with sneakers – dresses and sneakers may seem like a weird combo, especially knowing that it’s the LBD we’re talking about right here, but believe me, it works. This is ideal if your LBD is plain and simple with no fancy details and designs but you can also do this look to dress down a ritzy kind of LBD. Use accessories to make the look more laidback and casual. A fedora and a nice sling purse, I think, would really go well with this look.

red wedge sneakers and lbd casual lbd and sneakers