How to Style a Simple Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is one the most basic fall / winter essentials that is very versatile and easy to style. Oftentimes, a sweater dress is also called a jumper dress or a knit dress. These are very ideal and comfortable for lazy lounging days at home when the weather gets cold but can also be worn outside when you need to run errands or even for work.

Lots of women like wearing sweater dresses because they flatter almost any kind of figure well, even those on the ‘chunkier’ side. Though there are lots of designers coming out with different sweater dress styles and designs, the simple and basic ones are often more than what you’ll need. The real secret to the success of looking great while wearing a sweater dress lies in accessorizing.

  • Wear your sweater dress with a scarf – be sophisticatedly fall-ready with even the simplest sweater dress by adding a scarf to it. If you’re sporting a plain, solid colored sweater dress, choose a scarf with a bright color or interesting print detail to take away from the plainness.

scarf sweater dress

sweater scarf

  • Wear it with a belt – instantly show off your curves, even in the most loose sweater dress by  cinching it by the waist and wearing a belt. A rather wide belt usually works best with sweater dresses.

belted sweater dress

sweater dress belt

  • Put a cardigan or jacket over it –  if you’re planning to wear your sweater dress to work or anywhere that’s more than casual, you can wear a cardigan or jacket over it to make your ensemble more polished and elegant.

sweater dress and jacket

cardi and sweater dress

  • Wear boots – since the sweater dress is most usually worn during the fall and winter season, it only makes sense that the most fabulous and logical thing to wear with it would be a pair of boots, whether it’s ankle boots or knee high boots. Preferably, if you want to keep your legs warm and cozy on the  inside, get thigh high boots.

boots sweater dress

boots sweater dress

  • Cover up– just because it’s called a dress does not mean you can’t wear pants, tights or leggings with it. Covering up your legs with pants, even when wearing thigh- or knee-high boots, is a must especially during the cold and snowy winter days so that your legs don’t freeze.

sweater dress boots

sweater dress leggings

Now that you know how to style your sweater dress, be confident and go ahead and turn heads rocking it this fall / winter season. You’ll surely look stylishly chic.

pink sweater dress